Setting up a network in your home

  YinHoNg 13:11 03 Mar 2004

I've got two computers and i want them to share the same internet connection. How would i do this? If i was to use cables, where would be the best place to buy them from? where would be the best place to buy a hub from then?

  Rigga 13:26 03 Mar 2004

More info is needed.... is it a modem connection you wish to share or broadband? as if it's broadband there are other ways, with modem and router combinations.

Having said that.. the easiest way to set up a simple fast home network between two computers, is to buy two 10/100 ethernet network cards, and a crossover cable.

Bear in mind that you will need either XP or Win2k (i believe) to do internet connection sharing using the above network.

For the two cards and cable... I've always found these to be reliable click here


  Smiler 13:50 03 Mar 2004

you don't need XP or Win2k to have internet connection sharing.

I have Win 98se desktop (Connected to cable modem) and XP laptop connected to desktop by ethernet cross over cable. Works a treat but the desktop needs to be on for the laptop to be able to use the internet.

You would need a router and two straight cales to use them separately
have look here click here

for how to do it

  Rigga 13:57 03 Mar 2004


re internet connections sharing ... I stand corrected.. thanks..

"You learn something new everyday".. just like my Mom used to say..


  YinHoNg 19:10 03 Mar 2004

actually, i should've said that i don't actually want to network the two computers. The two computers don't need to interact at all in fact.

The only thing i want the two to share is the internet connection. I was told by a friend that all i need then is just a multiple (adapter?)so that i can connect my phone line to:

a) my old comp
b) my new comp
c) my phone

Is this true?

The problem that i have after that is the fact that to connect the phone line to my new computer, it's gonna take a heck of a long wire to do it...... do u know where i could buy one? or any other solutions?

  Smiler 10:08 04 Mar 2004

Do you mean you have 56k modems to connect to telephone lines or adsl modem?

If it's a modem you will need to set up a network as shown here click here with a router to allow each computer to connect to the internet separately. Doing it wirlessly will avoid long cables. I don't think you have to have the computers connecting & communicating with each other. But it's a bonus

  YinHoNg 10:22 04 Mar 2004

i have 56k modems, one in each computer, and i'm with freeserve. I just want the two to share the same internet connection. so how can i do this?

  YinHoNg 10:24 04 Mar 2004

i forgot to add that i have two desktop computers.

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