Setting up a Network - Total Novice Needs Advice

  VoG II 19:13 04 Jan 2004

My desktop is connected to Blueyonder Cable Modem via a LAN card.

Daughter has just got a laptop which has a LAN card.

I want to network the desktop and laptop wirelessly, principally to give the laptop access to the cable connection. The ability to "share" files and the printer on the desktop would be a bonus.

I believe that I could use a Proxy Server like click here to provide the laptop with internet access.

Basically what kit do I need and how do I wire it all together?

All responses appreciated, as ever.

  leo49 19:19 04 Jan 2004

Didn't Powerless go the wireless route a couple of weeks ago? Whoever it was I recall Taran made substantial contributions to the thread so there should be plenty of stuff to get your teeth into - I'm still using wires and the Xp native facility.

  VoG II 19:24 04 Jan 2004

Ah, yes click here

I'll have to have a read...

  VoG II 19:26 04 Jan 2004

I need something more basic, I'm afraid. What parts do I need to buy and how will it all fit together?

Never done this before (wired or wireless).

  powerless 19:29 04 Jan 2004

Can i have a go at an answer?

  Big Elf 19:37 04 Jan 2004


  VoG II 19:59 04 Jan 2004

Yes please, don't be shy.

  bvw in bristol 20:03 04 Jan 2004

Hi Vog.

Can't help with wireless networking I'm afraid, mine's wired and XP did all the configuring :o)

One thing you could do though is register the laptop MAC address with Blueyonder via the Self Care site. You can have up to 5 MAC addresses. Should your machine ever break down the laptop could always get internet access then.

Just a thought.

Good luck!

  spikeychris 20:13 04 Jan 2004

You dont need a PS to run a network, infact you dont even need a router. If all you want is to share files and folders with the laptop as well as the net you just need a WIFI PCMCIA card for the laptop and a WIFI PCI card for the desktop.

I've picked up both on Ebay losts of times and the most I have spent is £23 for the pair. Enable file and priner sharing and ICS. You dont need 8021g just get whatevers there.

  VoG II 21:20 04 Jan 2004

bvw - thanks, good idea. I'll try that once I've got the network set up.

spikeychris - this sounds incredibly simple so I'm bound to mess up. This is what is called a peer-to-peer network, am I right? Do these WIFI cards come with the software to actually create the network or is that something that is done through Windows (where?). Sorry to appear dense but I've never even used a network except at work where it consists of miles of cabling and big boxes with flashing lights.

Also, if I go to PC World and ask for these components, what are the chances of actually getting the correct equipment?

  powerless 21:26 04 Jan 2004

Good chance as my local (ish) had everything apart from the router that i needed.

I decided not to post becasue i see you are on Cable and i'm on ADSL so would not want to get confused and waste ya money.

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