setting up network with internet sharing

  speedy007 05:06 10 Jun 2004

Hi all, I have been at this for 2 days now constanly and to be quite honest it's getting on me tits.
Have gone through all their wizards and get an error everytime.
The network side of things is set up as i want it, but i will be dammed if i can get the connection sharing working.
I am using an adsl modem on main pc and what happens when it connects is in my connections it brings up an icon that say internet2. this is my default internet connection and found this out by disconnecting the modem while online.
I am stuck and feel both pc's are gonna be thrown out of my window if i can't get it sorted out.
also i get an error 1061 if this means anything.
Any help on step by step configuration would be much appreciated.
Thanks for all youe time.

  wawadave 08:16 10 Jun 2004

sorry to see you haveing such a hard time. you may want to tell use what o/s,s the computers are useing? are you useing wireless? a router? two nic cards and a cross over cable?
to get spacific help these need to be answered.
but heres some links to cover most comon problems
click here

other networking links
click here

networking in m.e
click here
more m.e networking
click here
click here
helpnet home
click here
hardware centeral titorial
click here
home help net
click here
practcaly networded m.e and w2k drivers for nic
click here
click here
click here
How to Set Up a Small Network with Windows XP Home Edition (PART 1)
click here
Home and Small Office Networking with Windows XP
click here
Networking, Internet, & Administration
click here
Direct-Cable Connection Introduction
click here
Internet Connection Sharing
click here

Home Networking and the Internet
click here
Windows XP Networking Features and Enhancements
click here
Wireless LAN Technologies and Windows XP
click here
click here

  johnnyrocker 08:41 10 Jun 2004

if that lot dont sort it i would throw it;)
nice one wawa.


  speedy007 23:10 10 Jun 2004

God that is a lot of stuff to go through.
I am gonna start checking it out now.
It may take a while to get through and will keep you posted and let you know my progress.
By the way my operating sys is win xp home and the computer I'm trying to get internet sharing on has win xp pro.
I have a router that I purchased from ebay which is a asita adsl model no-GW3531-V-US.
The only prob with that is I don't have any documentation on it so can not set it up.
Which has left me to use the ethernet on my abit mboard and a card in my other pc using crossover cat5 cable. The greatest benefit is that the cards use 10/100mbit and the router only supports 10mbit which is quite bad as I want to transfer large files. My fault really for not doing my homework.
I can't even find out where to get the software from for the adsl router so am stuck with a door stop as I don't understand how to set up the router using fast.start in explorer.
Thanks and catch ya later.

  speedy007 01:49 20 Jun 2004

Hi all.
Have checked out the links and thanks wawadave. have been in touch with aol online support which don't really help that much all they do really is point you in the direction of using their help files using keyword/networks.
I got back in touch with aol online help and said i've been through all their help and still could not solve the problem, so they told me to run a diagnostics on my adsl line using one of their names and passwords.
It turns out that a file was missing so I tried uninstalling the modem software and drivers and that didn't work because it couldn't find a cirtain file, so I went through the system restore process to an earlier point and then ran network setup.
this time I could allow internet sharing and used the win xp cd on my second computer.
Everything appeared in the network folder on the host saying that my wifi and local area connection were bridged and on my client showing network area connection enabled also shows bt voyager adsl modem connection on deano disconnected.
Question why can't I connect to the internet through my other computer as everytime I try enabling it it says failed.
1 more problem I have is I can't connect my pda to the internet either unless I have it docked in the cradle.
Still require more info though.
Cheers all.

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