setting up a mp4 player

  sunnystaines 09:37 16 Aug 2010

just got an apacer mnp4 [AU824] player curtsy of PCA.

being a bit old fashioned never used anything like this before since the days of the music cassette walkman.

My wife would like to either put her victoria wood audio cd's on it or a dvd to watch.

now two questions

it it just a case of plugging into the computer and copy/paste files from cd/dvd to the mp4 player?

second question it has 2gb of space would the files need to be zipped down or would cd/dvd's be too big to copy over.

any tips or advice please also driver mimi cd does not show windows 7 in o/s list anyone know where i can get the w7 driver please

  Woolwell 10:53 16 Aug 2010

Haven't got one but I would be surprised if drivers were required for Win 7. It should be recognised as soon as it is connected. With my mp3 player I rip the cds with Windows Media Player and then sync with the player. I've only got 2 Gb player and have over 200 songs on it with plenty of space.
Video will of course take up more room.
Having found the manual online click here it seems a bit sparse about pc connection.

  Woolwell 10:54 16 Aug 2010

ps drag and drop should work.

  I am Spartacus 11:01 16 Aug 2010

There may be software that comes with the player that allows you to 'rip' the CDs and DVDs to a smaller size. I typically rip mine to 128Kbs but if you have good hearing then 192 or 256 might be better.

There's loads of free MP3 rippers around and although I have a good one I won't recommend it as the file comes with spyware which you have to disable on installation.

Most DVDs have copy protection so that needs to be removed first. It's illegal to do this and I use DVD Decrypter to do it. You then need to convert and shrink the files to a format your player will recognise, typically MP4. As I already use Premiere Elements I use this but it's overkill for your requirements. Something like Any Video Converter will do it click here

A 1 hour video is typically around 350MB in size for a format that plays on an iPod Touch. It may be slightly smaller or larger depending on the screen size of your player.

  sunnystaines 11:16 16 Aug 2010

Thank you for the advice, a new learning curve for me.

  sunnystaines 12:45 22 Aug 2010

charged up the player via usb cable and confirmed it was fully charged.

in explorer copied track from cd [using copy/paste] to playlist on mp4. which seemed to copy over ok.

unpluged mp4 from pc, attached earphones to test but screen on mp4 shows no file, when i plug mp4 back to the pc it no longer shows up, tried a few times even refresh view but no good. the mp4 now seem invisible to the pc.

any tips please

  sunnystaines 13:24 22 Aug 2010

forgtot to add, the mini cd driver will not install nor will the video converter get not responding,
unable to find w7 drivers could this be the problem.

  Woolwell 14:17 22 Aug 2010

I suspect that your problem was the copy/paste from cd. You need to rip it from the CD first.

Connect the player, open Windows Media Player, click on sync and see if your device is listed. You can then drag items from your music library to the device.

As for not showing up - it should show under Computer as an external device. Still don't think that drivers are required for a USB device.

  sunnystaines 14:21 22 Aug 2010

that was lined up as my second option, but can no longer get the mp4 played to show in my computer it is as if it was not connected.

the files i want to copy are on a cd should i copy them first to the pc?

the mp4 seems to work ok as i can get the radio on it, i think its just my lack of know how in this area, still at the begining of the learning curve waiting for the penny to drop.

  Woolwell 14:24 22 Aug 2010

Disconnect the player, power it off, power it up, wait until the display is correct then connect and see what happens.

  Woolwell 14:26 22 Aug 2010

For your cd tracks you need to rip them first.

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