setting up modem on linux

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:57 19 Jul 2004


I have finally succeeded in setting up a dual boot with XP/fedora.

Can anyone provide any advice on how to get fedora to recognose my modem, please?

Modem is Sagem [email protected] I have the installation CD and this has a Linux folder on it but I don't have a clue what to do.

Any advice greatly appreciated


  Chegs ® 00:14 20 Jul 2004

click here

I think your modem is a USB variety,which can be a major hassle in linux(anything USB can be a royal pain in linux)I have never tried Fedora,so cannot comment on its USB abilities.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:51 20 Jul 2004

Thanks for that.

I was messing about trying to get something sorted, with no joy. Next time I booted up I got a configuration tool asking if I wanted to unconfigure my USB modem. So fedora must be recognizing it, I just need a little pointer in finding out what to do to get online now!

Also, I have some other USB stuff and this seems to work with fedora.



  woodchip 22:59 20 Jul 2004

Your best bet is a external modem

  woodchip 22:59 20 Jul 2004

Serial type connecter

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:02 20 Jul 2004

Any idea how much one of these is likely to cost, please?

Or any suggestions of where I could find one?

Thanks, I'm gonna have a quick look at Ebay...


  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:27 20 Jul 2004

my long term plan is to get a wireless modem/router with its own power supply as I am hoping to network my PC to another device which will need to access the net when PC is turned off.

Is this going to be possible (with fedora) as an alternative to a serial modem? As I may as well just bring my plan forward slightly and get the modem/router now.

Any advice appreciated.


  Chegs ® 03:34 21 Jul 2004

I tried for months to get 1st my ISDN modem working in linux,then I upgraded to ADSL and had a PCI Conexant modem.This refused to work under linux,or even allow my linux PC to access the net via proxy software thru my Win PC.I bought a cheap modem/router and (once I had sorted the NIC driver in linux)getting the linux PC online was so simple I was amazed.A tick in a couple of boxes and off it went online,I even went and tried a "Network install" of Suse linux,which worked very well(I'm still using it to learn my way round linux)I had RedHat d/l all the updates,Mandrake also went thru the router easily.As each linux distro I try seems to have exactly the same software included as its predeccesor,I would expect Fedora to be the same.

  Fridge 06:47 21 Jul 2004

I'm using Red Hat Linux 9
Had no problem as an absolute novice at setting up my usb broadband connection, Linux found all my hard ware and installed drivers without me having to put a single disk in the cd rom drive, only problem i'm having with linux is with my screen res as i'm using a creative 3d blaster card and can't work out how to update the Kernel.

  woodchip 14:30 21 Jul 2004

click here
My modem is same shape as bottom modem

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