setting up linksys

  kimtrnc 11:24 07 Feb 2008

Hi guys. Another hopeless networking newbie- sorry! My internet connection is via a cable to a wireless dish on my roof. There is no modem as such- just a little powered gismo called baseunit, with 2 ethernet connections, one to the output cable going to the dish, one to the ethernet port on my PC. I also have a wireless enabled laptop. I would like to connect to the internet from the laptop from anywhere in the house. I would also like to share files wirelessly, although that is less important.
So i bought a linksys WRT54G. Manual suggests connecting to a site called I can't - neither from my existing connection, nor by connecting LAN to router, and PC to router as per manual. I am doing something daft, I'm sure - but what, please? Can't get anu further until I do. TIA Kim

  swiss$tony 12:25 07 Feb 2008

In the address bar type in click here press enter you should then see a window with user name and pass wor, ignore user name and type admin in the pass word box, (this is generic to linksys )you should then be able to access the router settings

hope this helps

  swiss$tony 12:36 07 Feb 2008

I should have said that your ethernet cable that connects to your you pc should go to the router and you should then connect the router to the pc via one of the ethernet ports on the router,
( you should have one port that is an "inlet" and some, don't know how many,"outlet ports" you should then be able to access the router settings via your pc in my first post

  kimtrnc 12:59 07 Feb 2008

Thanks Tony - but I have done all this, and it simply will not connect to the given web address, and therefore I cannot use the webset up. Having been almost continually on line ( with my existing connection!) there is some suggestion that I also need an adapter. I understood, maybe wrongly, that I did not need an adapter for my PC ( laptop already wireless enabled) AND a router? Have I been even more stupid than usual.....Ah it was all so simple when I only had to deal with DOS, BASIC and dear old Edlin....

  kimtrnc 07:34 08 Feb 2008

I am reliably informed that I do NOT need an adapter on the main PC. All I am trying to do is use my laptop to connect to the internet from anywhere in the house. Laptop is already wireless enabled. But setting up the router seems impossible. I have now spent three days following the instructions to the letter, and I cannot get the "router connection", nor my existing, perfectly good internet connection to even open the web address. Help?

  swiss$tony 17:53 08 Feb 2008

It's been sometime since I set mine up and I seem to remember having a couple of teething probs but have you istalled the software from the setup disk? Sorry for asking a daft sounding question

I am no techie and I actually mailed Linsys for instructions of how to set the router up to connect to NTL.............and lo............back came the details pretty explicit(it seems to me ) and it worked ok
Maybe you could try the same, you could also try hitting the reset button on the back of the router

  kimtrnc 19:08 08 Feb 2008

Hi Tony - no setup disk with package. Yes, downloaded the instructions from Linksys -couldn't connect to setup screen to configure. Spent 1 hour on Linksys Live Assistance - very nice lady, gave me DIFFERENT instructions - still couldn't connect to set up. Downloaded Linksys EasyLink - wouldn't connect to its own websetup page (even with my existing, working, internet connection!)
Suicide threatened! A friend then advised that I change my TCP/IP to "obtain IP address automatically". Took the precaution of a restore point, changed the option....Miracle, it's working! Thanks for your help. RESOLVED, with only a half extra head of grey hairs...

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