Setting up a laptop

  tonyx1302 13:20 17 Aug 2010

I have a desktop pc that connects me to the Internet with no problems.
I have now got a Acer wireless laptop which I would like to set up to use around the house when away from the desktop. The laptop picks up the Internet connection from the Netgear router fine but I do not know how to open/connect to websites etc.
All help very gratefully received and in Jack& Jill language if poss.
Windows XP Home with TalkTalk BB

Many thanks


  gengiscant 13:25 17 Aug 2010

If you are connected to the internet wirelessly through your router then IE or Firefox or whatever search engine you use will do the trick.
I am sorry if I have not fully understood what your problem is.

  tonyx1302 13:34 17 Aug 2010

Thank you for coming back so quickly gengiscant but when I try to connect to IE/Firefox etc it tells me that I have 'network connection problems and I need to adjust my browsers settings. How do I do either please.


  gengiscant 13:55 17 Aug 2010

Is your firewall blocking you?

  tonyx1302 14:04 17 Aug 2010

No, turned it off but still no luck. I have the icon at the bottom that tells me 'Wireless network connection' is excellent but still cannot connect to the web.
Really sorry to leave this for now as I have to go out to collect a friend from hospital, but will read all helpful suggestions etc when I get home early evening.
Thank you in anticipation !!


  Batch 14:10 17 Aug 2010

Try this:

In IE, goto Internet Options, on Connections tab click "Never Dial A Connection" and click OK

  kidsis 14:40 17 Aug 2010

brietling, have you gone into the config page of the router at all, to the wireless settings page.

  tonyx1302 20:32 17 Aug 2010

Thank you Batch. Tried that but IE was already set at "Never Dial A Connection".

Hi kidsis. My router has been set up for my desktop up a long time ago an has always been brilliant. I thought that all I needed to do was turn my laptop on and it would pick up wireless BB from that but it just doesn't.
Do I have to set the router up on my desktop as well?

Sorry for being so stupid


  Batch 21:11 17 Aug 2010

From the sounds of it, your lappie is successfully connected to the router. As your desktop is also connected to the the rouer and can access the internet, it suggests the prob is on your lappie.

Any software firewall that you have on the PC would be an obvious candidate, but you say that you've already tried disabling this.

I know this is contrary to what I mentioned earlier, but have you made sure that the wireless security settings for the lappie and router are compatible (or TEMPORARILY disabled wireless security on the router to see if that willovercome the prob)?

  tonyx1302 21:20 17 Aug 2010

Hi Batch I have put my WPA code in and it has accepted that so the security settings seem OK. I have no antivirus/malaware etc d/l.... as I cannot connect to the web.. to cause problems and have turned the firewall of.
I would be in un-charted waters disabling wireless security on the router so will leave well alone.


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