setting up keyboard control to turn off a computer

  whitehall 09:37 28 Jul 2005

Is there a way to turn off a computer using a keyboard key combination? O/S is Windows 2000 Pro.
I do not always have a screen plugged up to a computer that is on and need to turn it off without seeing what I am doing!
Many thanks for any help

  recap 10:52 28 Jul 2005

If you press Ctrl+Alt+Delete once then the Tab key twice and Enter once you will get to the Shut Down option, Press Enter twice and this will shut down the pc.

Explanation: the default setting when Ctrl+Alt+Delete is the Lock computer option, pressing the tab key once moves to the Log Off option, pressing tab again moves to the Shut Down option. Pressing Enter twice is for the OK option.

Maybe someone else knows a quicker way?

  dan11 13:04 28 Jul 2005

Most new computers just use the computer power button, to instantly turn off. With the computer running and windows desktop displayed. Just give the power button on the front of the PC tower a quick press, a fraction of a second. Does your computer then automatically shut down?

When I press my power button, the computer automatically hibernates. To restart, I press the power button and all the programmes, web pages, everything, is there as I finished my last session.

They are many variations you can use, to shutdown.

Try these;

Right click the desktop and select properties. Select screen saver and then power.

Under power schemes, you should have the option to change how windows views the computer. e.g. you can make it work like a laptop, home or desktop, always on. etc. If you pick one of these schemes, you can then alter the way it shuts down, hibernates or stands by. These options will be under the advanced tab in power options.

I prefer the hibernation

  whitehall 14:33 28 Jul 2005

Very many thanks to recap and dan11, both methods work and that is great. My only concern, initially, by just pressing the power off button, was that the pc wouldn't like it, but it doesn't run a scandisk if I plug it up to a monitor and watch it booting after such a turn off, so hopefully that's fine.

  Danoh 18:50 28 Jul 2005

OR: press the following Keys one after the other.

Windows "Start", "u", "u".

  Stuartli 20:41 28 Jul 2005

If you use Hibernate quite a lot, it's worthwhile to do an occasional proper Shutdown.

  dan11 20:53 28 Jul 2005

Yes. I do mine about once a week.


It will not harm the computer at all. Windows will shut down all the open programmes for you.

  whitehall 09:12 29 Jul 2005

Very many thanks for everyones helpful comments.
All now resolved

  Stuartli 10:30 29 Jul 2005

It's also worth noting that Standby is NOT the same as Hibernation - the latter preserves current settings and open applications, programs etc and reopens as it was when Hibernate was activated.

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