Setting up Internet on Win 98 laptop

  Rhuddlan 13:40 19 Jul 2004

Right, my friend has a comp with win xp on it, she and her kids use it all the time for homework and she talk to her friends via msn messenger, so with her husband so fed up of them all, he was on the lookout for a laptop for work and lesuire, so I sold him my win 98 laptop, that has never had an Internet connection on it before, the win xp machine has Freeserve Anytime connection, so how would he set up the laptop to use the Internet with the same connection Freeserve Anytime. The laptop's CD drive doesn't seem to be working at the mo, but he shouldn't have to use that for the set up should he? I recall setting the net up for them on the xp machine, and the only reason we used a cd then was to open the Freeserve account for them, to put in debit card details etc, so is it just a case of putting in the modem and setting up via control panel and network connections, or is it more complicated than that? Hope someone can help, regards, Rhuddlan.

  Rhuddlan 14:20 19 Jul 2004

Sorry to be so impatient, but does anyone have any ideas? Rhuddlan.

  norman47 21:36 19 Jul 2004

This is difficult as your friend has a main PC with a dial up connection on a fixed hour tariff. If it was to use a P.A.Y.G. service it would be easier.

I think you will find that when your friends PC connects with freeserve it does it's handshake. This will have 3 or 4 strict rules.

1) user name

2) password

3) telephone number ( it must show. that is why you must put 1470,, on number withheld lines.)

4) the computers unique I.D. number

I think number 4 applies. So in effect although He will know the user name, password and use the same telephone line. The computer I.D. will be different. The best you could do is to ask freeserve if a computer I.D. is used or to ask if you can use a laptop to directly share the account.

The easiest way to get around this, if the Pc has a spare lan port, is to use a RJ45 crossover cable and use either a lan port on the notebook or get a PCMCIA network adaptor. You would not need to put freeserve on the laptop but just click on the I.E. icon and it should connect.

The problems with that would be, you would have to setup a network with I.C.S. ( internet connection sharing). The notebook would only work when the main P.C. is connected to the internet and they would have to share bandwidth.

  woodchip 21:43 19 Jul 2004

Go into PCWorld or Dixons I think they have Freeserve CD and just run the CD. Other than the Above if you have a Dial-Up account with the connection number it's just a case of double click My Computer icon double click Dial-Up icon the on the make new connection icon follow the instructions but you need the account number to install

  Smegs 21:48 19 Jul 2004

Sorry woodchip, it's now Wanadoo. It's a Red like Cd cover.

  Rhuddlan 23:10 19 Jul 2004

Thanks for that, i will try it tomz and post back, greatful for the help, Rhuddlan.

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