setting up home wirless network

  2voddysandapint 23:49 29 Apr 2003

what is the most cost efficent way to set up a home network in order to share a broadband connection and printer one os windows xp pro the other xp home one computer has network card for cable ..what components do i need the other computer only has a modem and no card

  LastChip 23:55 29 Apr 2003

Not wireless!

Fit a network card to the PC that doesn't have one, and use a crossover cable to connect the two PC's.

  John-259217 23:59 29 Apr 2003

If you don`t mind having the computer that has the BB connection and the printer, on all the time then you will only need two USB wireless adapters. LastChip`s method is cheaper but you would need a second NIC in the first computer. One for your cable BB connection and one for the X-over cable to the other PC.

  LastChip 00:11 30 Apr 2003

Not all broadband is connected via a NIC!

2voddysandapint's post is not clear. Is the "network card for cable", a NIC for a cable (wire) connection, or for cable broadband?

My own broadband goes straight on to a PCI ADSL modem, thus, it is not necessary for two NIC's.

  John-259217 00:27 30 Apr 2003

Read that a bit to fast, as you say he`s not to clear on his BB connection.

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