Setting up Hawking HWREG1 Range Extender

  addy39 15:32 30 Jan 2008

Could anyone help me with configuring my Hawking Wireless G Universal
Extender please? It can't find my network. I have the Orange Livebox which
is wired to my desktop PC, and soon to be re-housed in a building in our
garden. I want to be able to use my (Vista) laptop in the house, so I need
to extend the range of the signal.

I spoke to the supplier of the device before purchase as I wasn't sure that
I would be able to use it with my Livebox as there's no spare ethernet port
to connect it through. He assured me that I would be able to set it up from
my wireless laptop. But running through the setup from the quick
installation guide, when I get to the part where it 'searches for a wireless
network to extend' I get "No SSID found!" The device is powered on and
connected to the laptop via the ethernet cable. I tried it on another
wireless desktop and the same thing happens.

What am I doing wrong, or have I been misinformed? Any help would be greatly

Thank you

  ambra4 17:01 30 Jan 2008

Check this site on setting up the wireless system on the orange livebox

click here

Also check these two posting on how to set-up the Hawking wireless g extender

click here

click here

  addy39 19:02 30 Jan 2008

Thank you for your reply ambra4.

I've used the Livebox for a couple of years now. It all works well so I don't think this problem is down to my wireless setup as such.

But is it possible to actually set up the Hawking repeater on my laptop? Should I be doing it via a wired PC as the manual seems to imply? And which I can't do!

I will download and try the Setup from Hawkings website. Should I also download the Firmware bearing in mind that I can't even set up the device?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks so much for your help.

  ambra4 19:17 30 Jan 2008

No you only use the laptop to access the setup on Hawking wireless g extender just like you did on your router

Take a good read of the manual on how to set up the extender

Chapter 2, 3, 4, this would give you a good idea on how it works

Once you have set it up you disconnect the cable and it should find the orange livebox wireless

Get the box working first then upgrade the firmware

Go to the admin page, in the extender, which will give you the options to upgrade the firmware.

  addy39 19:36 30 Jan 2008

Thanks ambra4, but I've tried and tried to setup this device and i can't get passed the 'Search for a wireless network to extend' page of the setup. All I get is 'SSID not found'.

The setup finds the device, that's fine.
I click NEXT. The identification SSID page comes up and I leave it as it is with the name of the device showing. I don't put in any password and click NEXT. I manually type in my IP address, Subnet, Gateway and DNS address. I've tried different numbers here, and I've tried leaving it at default but it makes no difference. Then on the next page it searches for the network and comes up with nothing!

Whatever am I doing wrong??

Thanks again

  ambra4 20:25 30 Jan 2008

First you need to enter the same SSID name and password that you have in the wireless section in the router

Right click on the displays icon on the task bar click status- click support-detail this will give the IP address, subnet, gateway, and DNS address you must enter the correct information for the network to be found

  ambra4 20:49 30 Jan 2008

I will check back in 1 hour as now leaving the office

  addy39 21:08 30 Jan 2008

Thanks ambra4,
I've tried entering both the name of the Livebox and the name of the wireless device (Speedtouch Wireless Adapter) but still no luck. The adapter has a physical address?

Iv'e found the IP address, subnet, gateway and DNS addresses and entered them all in, but again no luck.

I must be doing something really stupid but I can't think what!

Thanks again for your time on this, I appreciate it.

  addy39 21:46 30 Jan 2008

Just realised ambra4 that the SSID is the name of my Livebox. In the connection details in gives the name of the adapter with the IP, gateway addresses etc. Probably doesn't mean much but thought I'd mention it.

  ambra4 21:51 30 Jan 2008

Check chapter 4 in the manual an use the set up wizard and selected the auto obtain IP address setting also is the channel the same as router

  addy39 22:40 30 Jan 2008

I checked out chapter 4. Tried the first option to get the PC's IP address etc. It's just the same as I've been typing in. There's no mention of the Livebox name though, only the wireless adapter.

No mention of channel anywhere, only in the Livebox configuration pages.

Thanks again ambra4

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