setting up game server to interent from LAN

  cyberpharmacist 14:16 03 Jan 2003
  cyberpharmacist 14:16 03 Jan 2003

Hi All,

happy new year!

i want to set up my computer as a game server for Ghost recon but i am in a LAN setting at home. i am able to connect to other game servers after i changed the port settings (so far i have only tried america army operations), but how can my friends see me or know my ip address? because my game machine is not the one connect to the ADSL line.

many thanks.

  recap 15:15 03 Jan 2003

I think they only need to know the IP address for the game you are setting up cyberpharmacist.

  Pilch.... 02:26 06 Jan 2003

I take it that you have the server connected to the computer that is connected to the internet?

I have set mine up a different way, i have got a router with in built switch, so that the server has a direct access to the net at all time's, and so doesnt slow down my other computer.

You can get routers for about £50, and it makes life easier for doing games as i have found.

  dez fowler 02:47 06 Jan 2003

what you need is more than one IP on the ADSL line and set your computer on the LAN to that IP, that way the router routes andy traffic from the net with that address to your computer thus enabling ppl on the net to use your server

you could read your router manual and find out how it addresses the computers on your LAN also, this could give you some clues as to how to do it

  dez fowler 02:55 06 Jan 2003

uh oh, i've got the wrong end of the stick

You mean you're using another computer as a gateway to the net. What type of server is that computer running? Is it Internet Connection Sharing or some sort of Proxy?

You could have a problem depending on what type of ADSL you have. If you have the type that's always on you should be able to set it up, if you have the dial up type i'm affraid you might be out of luck as i found out not so long ago.

You can set up routing using the proxy software and route a particular port on the server to your computer so the servers IP on the net with you port after it will go to your computer.
Or you could if you have multiple static IPs available on your account route one of these to your computer.
And finally if you set your computers IP to one of the static ones if you have them and bridge the LAN and Internet connection on the server then windows on the server should route traffic itself.

Sorry about the confusion, i read Pilchs message as one from you

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