Setting Folder Properties in the Registry

  2N8 20:15 25 Apr 2005

Can anyone tell me where I can find the relevant registry values for certain folder properties?

The folders in question are C:/Documents and Settings, E:/My Documents, C:/Windows and My Computer.

These folders have recently begun behaving like picture and music folders; ie. they have folder tasks for viewing/editing pictures or playing music, rather than the default folder tasks for general use. They have also adopted background graphics that illustrate their supposed contents.

These folders don't contain images or music files, except in sub-folders. No other folders are behaving oddly (as yet).

Obviously, these particular folders are not customisable from the View tab or from their properties box, in the way that user-created folders are.

How can I get them to behave normally? Assistance is greatly appreciated.

  2N8 23:35 25 Apr 2005

^ refresh ^

  Sethhaniel 10:18 26 Apr 2005

in Windows Explorer folder where it says Name. Size. Etc - right click that bar and select or unselect the properties there to make folder appear as you want -

There is also a tweak as windows can only remember so many folder settings - have to search this helproom for it.

  2N8 18:25 27 Apr 2005

Thanks for your input, Sethhaniel.

Unfortunately, as I pointed out in my post, the affected folders are ones that cannot be turned into picture or music folders by the user. That degree of customisation is only available on sub-folders that the user has created, which are given a Customise tab in the Properties box when you right-click on the folder. The properties of the affected folders do not have that tab and the corresponding option in View is not present.

That is why I need to find out how these important system folders got messed up in this way, and how it can be undone. There must be a registry entry that dictates how a particular folder behaves.

Any help from someone who knows the windows registry, please?

  2N8 20:09 27 Apr 2005

I have tried removing all the contents of My Documents (one of the problem folders) to spare partition and then moved My Documents from its usual partition back to C:/Documents and Settings.

This appears to return it to normal, with the default folder tasks visible. When I returned it to partition E, the corruption re-appeared. I have tried reformatting E to clear system volume info, but that has made no difference.

Is it possible to delete and recreate My Documents? When I try to delete it, Windows tells me that it cannot be deleted because it is a system folder. Could the Recovery Console delete it?

I have since found this post in a search, which dscribes the same problem but had a limited response click here


  2N8 21:39 27 Apr 2005


  Number 7 23:47 27 Apr 2005
  2N8 19:08 28 Apr 2005

At last, someone out there came up with an answer! Thankyou, Number 7; I'll try that advice.

  2N8 21:43 28 Apr 2005

I can happily confirm that Number 7's link provided the perfect solution! The problem had occurred repeatedly for months, despite a recent re-installation of XP, but at least it won't be a hassle if it happens again.

Thanks again.

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