Setting up e-mails on two computers

  starlet 22:53 09 Jan 2003
  starlet 22:53 09 Jan 2003

I have just set up an ASDL router with my computer and my wife's laptop networked on it, what we would like is that e-mails for me come into my computer, and my wife's e-mails into her laptop,we are getting all the e-mails coming into whichever computer is open. we are using Outlook Express with Freeserve and I have contacted them but they were not very helpful, they suggested setting up a FSmail for my wife but the problem is it is web based and cannot be used through OE, My wife is blind and cannot navigate around the FSmails e-mail pages, she can use Outlook Express very easy. Can anyone explain to me how I can set it up easy please.

Regards Star

  Paranoid Android 23:21 09 Jan 2003

OK you need a proxy mailserver program.

There are a number available on the web, I use Proxy+ by Fortech which is FREE for up to three users and runs as a Windows service, totally invisible in use. It also has it's own built-in internet connection sharing which works a treat, and an optional firewall.

You would set up your desktop PC as the server and your wife's laptop as the client.

If you already have separate e-mail addresses then you can have (for example) [email protected] going to your mailbox, whereas mail for [email protected] would be redirected your wife's machine.

If not it has a facility to set up your own postboxes, but this is more complex.

It can be a little fiddly to set up, but it's worth the effort and the HTML user guide is pretty good.

click here


  Paranoid Android 23:26 09 Jan 2003

PS Forgot to say you would send and receive email via Outlook Express as per usual, once it's set up.


Good evening starlet, first I am assuming that you are "sharing" a freeserve email account. This would mean that the last part of your address is the same, so as an example your email is [email protected], and your wifes is [email protected]. You would then both connect to freeserve with the same username ( and the same password.

If this is the case, then perhaps the easiest solution, is to use a set of rules in outlook express. Assuming that OE is set correctly with each account (john on yours and mary on hers), open OE and select Tools>message rules>mail

Then click on new, and tick the box in section 1 which says "where the to line contains people" then in section 2 click the box which says "Do not download it from the server"

You should now have in section 3 a rule description, with "contains people" underlined and in blue. Click on this, and in the box that appears type the first part of the email address that you DO NOT want on that machine. So for your machine you would type mary (please replace this with your wifes email name), then click on add then ok, and ok again, and ok again. Repeat this on the other machine, replacing mary with john (your email name).

You should now both get all of your own email on your respective machines.

I hope this helps. Regards, Mr. Mouse.

I would like to add that whilst Paranoid Android's solution will work, and is perhaps the better option, it has the downside of needing the "server" turned on to receive mail. Thus your wife would only get her mail when both machines are turned on together.

Mr. M.

  starlet 09:58 10 Jan 2003

Thank's go to Paranoid Android, and Mr. Mouse.

I chose to go the easy way with Mr. Mouse. and It works spot on, you have to ask yourself why after paying out a lot of money to Freeserve they cannot give their customers the answer to what is a simple question with a simple answer. once again you guys have come through many thanks.

Regards Star

  jazzypop 22:57 08 Feb 2003


  cyberphobic 01:55 09 Feb 2003


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