Setting correct bus freq. and multiple for P4 cpu.

  sadensoph 12:26 05 Nov 2004

My Abit IC7 motherboard has Pent4 3gb 8oofsb cpu, 512mb ddr ram 400mhz, Abit nvidia fx5200dt graphics card on 250mhz, 40gb hard drive.The book says "Do not forget to set the correct bus freq. and multiple for your cpu". the Bios settings as follows,
Cpu operating speed 3000(200)
Ext clock(cpu/agp/pci) 200/66/33mhz. I let the systm run on, it reach the point where it said boot from cd. I loaded the cd supplied. it failed to load, screen said "Disk boot failure insert system disk and press start" is the motherboard faulty or settings wrong. thanks sadensoph.

  rickf 15:21 05 Nov 2004

did you set bios to boot from cd as 1st boot? once evrything is installed go back to bios anbd set 1st boot as floppy.

  sadensoph 19:38 05 Nov 2004

thanks rickf.bios is set 1st floppy, 2nd cd, 3rd hdd. when the cd failed i tried it on another m/c ok. tried win me sys disc that failed. changed cd drives with other m/c. that failed in new m/c. both ok in old m/c. used me start up floppy, this created ramdisc 'd' and cd drive 'e' but my cd's still would not load. the cd does rotate. my hdd is unformatted. so fitted the hdd from old m/c with winme on it. when the m/c started me searched for drivers.I shut down not knowing wether this was right. but thought the eide setup was ok plus the floppy disc input. to my way of thinking it seems like the mother board, does it have self checking. i could have all this done for but i'm having fun thanks again. sadensoph

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