Setting Comodo to update virus db automatically

  Halmer 10:27 24 Oct 2009

Just wondered if you could do this like AVG having installed it to try it?

I can see that you can set it to update before a scheduled scan but can it be set to update each day without the scan option?

  Sea Urchin 11:01 24 Oct 2009

1. Open the Comodo Firewall program

2. Check the Security tab

3. Click on Advanced tab

4. Click on the Miscellaneous 'configure' tab and a box appears where you can check/uncheck auto-update option in the program settings to turn on/off the auto-update.

  Halmer 11:07 24 Oct 2009

I have the latest version.

The tabs showing are: -

Defense +

  provider 2 11:25 24 Oct 2009

Misc.> Settings> update tab is the place you`re looking for, though I hear updates to the Commodo AV database come every half hour or so ... or that was the intention a few months back.

  Halmer 11:32 24 Oct 2009


but assume that 'automatically check for the program updates' is different that updating the vdb?

  provider 2 11:38 24 Oct 2009

I imagine so. I don`t have the AV component but does an update now option not appear in the AV section of the "Summary" page?

  provider 2 11:46 24 Oct 2009

... a bit confusing, I know, but I think the "update" refers to both firewall and AV, also Defense+ if I`m not mistaken ... collectively known as CIS (Comodo Internet Security) ... welcome to Comodo-Speak!

  provider 2 11:49 24 Oct 2009

... and the almost unanswerable question of whether you can actually separate out and select which part of the update you want to install.

  provider 2 12:17 24 Oct 2009

Some release notes referring to various updates: click here

  Halmer 07:41 25 Oct 2009

and the virus database has been updated at 07.35 without manual intervention so it obviously does update automatically.

  provider 2 12:00 25 Oct 2009

That`s all right, then.

It will have corrected any false positives in the virus database too, which was something of a problem at one time, as well as anything else that needed to be fixed in CIS, including Vista compatibility issues and SafeSurf if you have it.

(From an earlier thread concerning frequency of virus database updates: click here)

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