setting up broadband for wireless laptop

  capricorn45 20:31 18 Nov 2006

my sister has bought an acer laptop. She has registered with sky for free broadband and sky have sent her instructions and box and plugs ect, but her laptop is wireless compatible. We have plugged in the box to telephone using filter, and there is an yellow ethernet wire and it says to plug into laptop and box, but if she has got wireless compatible does she have to use that? We are very confused, as sky said that she has to buy another adapter so that nothing is plugged into her laptop, but it looks like she has the adapter already built in with her plug. but how does she receive internet if nothing is connected to her laptop? I would be most grateful if anyone else has set theres up and can explain what to do. She has a disc to put in to get on internet. Thank you.

  Graham. 20:36 18 Nov 2006

To use the laptop wirelessly you must have a wireless router to take the broadband from the modem and send to the laptop.

You can get a wireless router that has a built-in modem if you wish.

  postie24 20:45 18 Nov 2006

Hope this helps click here

  capricorn45 21:30 18 Nov 2006

Thank you for your help, but still none the wiser! Is it possible that her laptop has a built in wireless router and the package received from sky is the modem box that we connected to the phone line via the filter and the router picks up the broadband signal?

  postie24 21:48 18 Nov 2006

The acer will be wireless ready.looks like you will have to buy a wireless modem router.The laptop will have a wirelees lan fitted.Sky supply a modem only to use with ethernet cable.When you get the modem/router set it up with ethernet cable 1st,then set up a wireless connection after.You must secure your connection with a form of encryption for safety reasons

  Pidder 21:53 18 Nov 2006

Do Sky not supply a free wireless router, several other ISPs do.

  postie24 21:58 18 Nov 2006

I was wondering that,but going by what capricorn45 is saying,they only got a modem i think

  ed-0 21:59 18 Nov 2006

" but her laptop is wireless compatible. "

model of laptop? So we can check the specification of the laptop.

" but if she has got wireless compatible does she have to use that? "

No. She can surf the net by the cable attached from the sky modem to the laptop.

" but how does she receive internet if nothing is connected to her laptop? "

That is explained above. She will need to get an adsl wifi modem router ( she connects to a telephone socket ? ). These cost around £40 upwards. She will replace the modem that sky have sent with one of her own. It will need to be setup, but once it is, she should be able to take the laptop into any room in her house or use it in the garden. The new modem router will always be connected to the internet, unless it is switched off, so your sister just needs to start the laptop and start browsing the internet.

Just like I am with this laptop.

  Dipso 21:59 18 Nov 2006

Sky are currently supplying the Netgear DG834GT wireless modem/router, I presume that is whatthey have sent you.

As the laptop is wireless ready I would go to click here and follow the instructions on setting up the router.

  ed-0 22:01 18 Nov 2006

Don't know about that.


Could you let us also know the make and model number of the modem supplied by sky?

  capricorn45 23:38 18 Nov 2006

Just seen a pic of the netgear DG834GT wireless router, and its the same as my sis has got, is that the router and modem in one? I am not in her house, so cant check it out. I think that is all she needs, and according to set up instructions, it says to use the yellow ethernet lead into laptop to get started and once on iternet you can then go wireless. So I will try that for her. Thanks for all your help.

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