Setting broadband connection

  Dougie168 14:48 03 Apr 2006

i currently have a broadband connection on my desktop pc, but would like my laptop to be able to use it as well. I have a ethernet connection to my desktop.
1. How do i configure my laptop to use the internet connection? I checked thro teh control panel to obtain an IP address but it's set to automatically obtain the IP add.
2. Is it possible for the laptop to simultaneously use the Internet with the desktop, is the desktop uses the ethernet cable and i use the modem cable to the laptop?

  mgmcc 17:00 03 Apr 2006

You need to enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the actual internet connection (modem connection) in the desktop PC. This will automatically configure the Local Area Connection with the fixed IP address and Subnet Mask

The laptop's (Client PC's) Local Area Connection should be set to get its IP address automatically, which it does by DHCP from the desktop (Host PC).

To enable “Internet Connection Sharing” in Windows XP, open the Network Connections folder, right click the actual internet connection (modem connection), select Properties and then the Advanced tab. Tick the box “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.

Any firewall software will need to be configured to allow access to the networked computers and, in particular, if you have Zone Alarm in the *HOST* PC, its Internet Security Zone level must be reduced from High to Medium or ICS traffic will be blocked.

  Terry Brown 17:01 03 Apr 2006

If you have a ROUTER, simply use a cable from the router to the Laptop and it will find it.

A Router is a box with one input (Usually) and (usually) 4 - 6 outputs.
Plug your connection from your server into the router, and a cable from the router for each machine. If you want to transfer files between machines , you will have to set up a network.To find out about this go to Control Panel/network.

  wobblymike 17:51 03 Apr 2006

are you interested in doing this wirelessly?

  Dougie168 22:58 03 Apr 2006

thanks for all the advise - it was really useful! But on the Advanced tab i dont seem to have a checkbox for "Enable Internet connection sharing". I just have a checkbox for "Protect my computer by limiting access thro the network". Any suggestions?

  mgmcc 07:36 04 Apr 2006

<<< But on the Advanced tab i dont seem to have a checkbox for "Enable Internet connection sharing >>>

The box is only available if you have a free network adapter (Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection) with which to connect to the ICS "client" PC.

In your original posting, when you said "I have a ethernet connection to my desktop", I assume this is a crossover cable from the laptop and not your internet connection to the modem?

If so, are you definitely trying to enable ICS on the INTERNET connection (modem connection) and not on the network adapter that connects to the "client" PC?

Enable ICS screenshot - click here

  Dougie168 12:06 04 Apr 2006

I'm sorry i didnt make myself clearer. With the ethernet connection i meant that it was a connection from the modem to the desktop with an ethernet cable. I currently do not have a wireless connection, and wish to use my laptop to go on the internet so therefore i would like to know what the procedure for doing this is? As the IP address on the desktop is set to automatic, i dont know what the IP address so cannot configure it on my laptop - is this the usual way to do this? I hope this clarifies things a bit. If not, please do ask! Thank you very much!

  Terry Brown 13:24 04 Apr 2006

I presume you are using a version of XP.
Connect to the internet

Go to RUN , type in CMD (Enables command code box (DOS))

type ipconfig and press enter

This will check your system and give you the necessary codes for configuring your laptop.

If you are NOT using XP. instead of CMD enter COMMAND
Hope this helps

  Jaro 13:37 04 Apr 2006


  mgmcc 16:12 04 Apr 2006

<<< As the IP address on the desktop is set to automatic, i dont know what the IP address so cannot configure it on my laptop >>>

If your desktop PC is connected by ethernet to the modem, then its IP address will be allocated by your ISP. Knowing what the address is won't help you to configure your laptop.

To "share" that connection with a second computer, you either need to install a router, in which case both computers connect directly to the router, or you set up "Internet Connection Sharing" in the desktop PC.

To use Internet Connection Sharing, the two computers need to be connected directly, either via Wireless Network Adapters or by a crossover ethernet cable. Whichever method you use, the desktop PC needs to have a second network adapter installed - wired or wireless.

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