setting up broadband

  molby5 17:46 24 Apr 2008

Hi there,

i wonder if someone can help -

we have just had new broadband delveired with sky,

the activation date is today but in all fairness they said it could be two days late,

but can someone clarify how to connect to the phone socket,

should we put a filter in the phone socket and then put the extension cable into that and then take the cable from that into the router - or should we put the filter in the end of the extension cable and a lead from the filter to the router, or a filter at both points?

any help we be greatly appreciated,


  Stuartli 17:57 24 Apr 2008

The filter/splitter goes into the Master Box's phone socket and the ADSL lead is connected to the filter's outlet before going to the router.

  molby5 17:59 24 Apr 2008

does it matter that there is a extension cable between the main box and the lead to the router?

  slleumas 18:12 24 Apr 2008

Hello molby5,

I have Sky Broadband and to let you know I am pleased with the internet connection but don't like their telephone support. For a long while I couldn't connect to the internet, and found out that it was a problem with McAfee on Vista.

They gave me an activation date and that was the day I got the internet up and running, not to long however because McAfee stopped it but that is another story.

With the phone socket; you have to have a filter/splitter where the telephone line comes into the house. Then off the filter you have the two cable holes, one for the internet and one for the telephone. And you can have a extension adapter on the telephone if you need more cables to other places in the house like we need one for Sky TV. Now Sky are horrified for some reason about have extension cables. When I first got broadband, with AOL, I set this up and wanted to continue but when I said about it they wouldn't help. I don't think it matters. The extension runs from the filter, up the stairs, into my bedroom and into the back of the router. And that is it. Hope this helped!

  K_elt 18:27 24 Apr 2008

Just follow the instructions that come with the installation CD. There are graphics showing how everything goes together for each stage of the installation process.

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