Setting up an ad-hoc wirless LAN

  Newuser2917 22:40 08 Apr 2003

Or to be more precise:
Setting up an ad-hoc wirless LAN on an exiting ethernet LAN workgroup with ICS already enabled.

Has anyone else managed to do this successfully? I have an XP pro machine on
a E-net LAN in a workgroup with 3 other machines. ICS is already enable so
the machine has a static IP address and as acting as a DHCP server.

When I install a wirless adapter on the ICS machine XP automatically sets
the TCP/IP settings to be a DHCP client and this seems to totally take out
the network (which figures I guess). I can get the ad-hoc network set up but
only at the expense of the ethernet NIC (the broadband connection remains un

Has anyone got any ideas how I can get the wireless adapter installed
without this happening? Once I have done this it should just be a case of
getting the other wireless PCs set up on the same subnet and they should
autodetect the ICS (or so MS seem to suggest).

Any help would be appreciated.



  dinom 00:06 11 Apr 2003

To Mingle wirless and hardwired get a wirless router (belkin 54g) forget ics.You can plug your rj45 into the router as it acts as a switch or uplink it to your exsisting hub.

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