setting up 4 ide devices

  logix 14:23 14 Jan 2004

i have 2 hard disks 1 dvd-rom 1 cdrw drive.
can someone tell me the recommended setup for these devices.
at present i have 2 hard disks c:& d: on the primary channel,& the dvd-rom on the secondary channel as master,& cdrw as slave on the secondary channel.
is this the most efficient setup for running these devices ?

  Forum Editor 14:36 14 Jan 2004

you've got it right.

  BeForU 16:48 14 Jan 2004

Quite a few people say that the CD-RW or DVD-RW should be set to the Master & the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM should be Secondary instead. Something to do with the Rewriter drives will uses its maximum performance etc. I'm not quite sure about this so I hope someone else can point that out.

  TBH1 17:08 14 Jan 2004

with the FE here (for once :-) )

  plankton 17:12 14 Jan 2004

Agree with FE and TBH1:
Stick as it is, you'll get less funnies.....;o)

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