Setting Up 2nd Hard Drive

  roHco 16:00 01 Feb 2004

Running an HP pavilion 740uk as standard with Athlon XP1900+, 256Mb DDR-SDRAM, 40 Gb UltraDMA, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, Windows XP Home.
I have added a second Hard Drive: HITACHI Deskstar 123.5 Gb but have gone adrift somewhere in the initializing/set-up. The new drive appears under 'Hard Disk Drives' in 'My Computer' as New Volumw (F:); Properties reports Used Sp[ace as 65.3 MB: Free Space as 29.2 GB. I have printed out all 21 pages of theMicrosoft Disk Management Help file.
Iam seeking guidance as to where I should go and what to do to have this new drive recognised in its true capacity.

  Mike ® 16:31 01 Feb 2004

What does bios detect it as?

  DieSse 16:39 01 Feb 2004

click here and read the link about capacity minus 68Gb.

Basically it might be an FDisk problem (if you formatted with Fdisk)- and there is a suggested solution.

  DieSse 16:53 01 Feb 2004

I'm sorry - I may have misunderstood.

Is the problem that you only seem to have about 95Gb? - have you opted to show hidden files and folders?

Or is the problem that you have a large chunk of unexplained used space?

Are you using NTFS or FAT32?

  siouxah1 18:38 01 Feb 2004

Just on passing,

Have just added new 2nd HDD on machine,120 Gb, with W2K.
Partitioned and formatted with W2K disk management.

Had the same result as yourself, about 63 Mb as used space on both partitions. Using NTFS. Must admit I just ignored it. Will be interested if you obtain a result.

Regards Brian j

  roHco 16:08 03 Feb 2004

Mike: BIOS - which came up in French - detects it as 33822 MB

Diesse: Iam using NTFS. I formatted with XP's Disk Management. It may be that I partitioned incorrectly. Since I have put nothing on the disc, Iam tempted to delete the 29.2 GB partition and see if I can create a 100 GB one in lieu.
(Later) I can't ! The Wizard only offers a max size of 33822 MB. Just occurred to me, since that figure is in blue, maybe I can delete that in the Wizard and replace it with what I want.
I'll try again.

  byfordr 16:25 03 Feb 2004

If not something like Partition Magic 8 is very good. I used it when I was having trouble picking up the capacity with a 200gb hd.

  roHco 17:16 03 Feb 2004

Thanks for the info. Before I spend on a program I'll put the situation on a Microsoft Forum to see whether it is a known problem with XP's Disk Management.

  DieSse 22:07 03 Feb 2004

Check to see if the capacity limiting jumper is fitted - this would make the drive show as 32Gb

If the BIOS doesn't detect the correct size, then it's not XP Disk Management - it's much more fundamental - Win will not get it correct if the BIOS reports the drive wrongly.

  roHco 16:53 08 Dec 2004

DieSse was RIGHT! Unfortunately, I didn't know enough about the subject to appreciate that there are two sets of jumper settings on the disk label, one of which restricts the drive capacity. I had the wrong one. It wasn't until last week - December - that, after downloading pages from Hitachi and running their diagnostic program that they spotted the cause.

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