Setting up a 2 pc network

  jules1967 21:16 20 Aug 2007

I am trying to connect 2 PC's both using XP home with a cat 5 RJ45 ethernet patch cable going into each NIC but both are saying there is a cable unplugged. What am I doing wrong? I'm new to networking. Also is it possible for me to connect to the internet on the 2nd PC via the main PC which is connected to a wireless router?

  Daveboy 21:27 20 Aug 2007

You need a "crossover" cable to directly connect to Nic's, but your better off going wireless as you already have the device to deal with this, sharing the internet is straightforward enough.

  jules1967 22:52 20 Aug 2007

Thanks for the advice, I will get a crossover cable. The reason I want to connect to the internet through the main PC which has the wireless adapter is because the router is a pre n belkin and the pre n or n type adapters are too expensive to get for the other PC. Both PC's are upstairs away from the router itself so I cannot even plug the other PC into the router with an ethernet cable. Is it possible to connect to the internet through the main PC via a crossover cable?

  brundle 22:55 20 Aug 2007

If you set up Internet Connection Sharing on the main PC, yes. click here

  Ashrich 23:30 20 Aug 2007

You can always use an ordinary wireless adapter , you don't have to use N or Pre N adapters , the router will be backwards compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g


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