Set up of Wired TP-LINK router on Virgin Cable

  Clairelouise 21:29 03 Oct 2007

I have a TP-LINK wired router and I'm using Virgin cable, I have set it up and also want it on a second computer in the household, it has been working but I have noticed some problems, it runs fine working on 2 pcs for a few days then stops working so I have to run through the process of setting the modem and router up again. I have no idea why its doing this. In the routers settings I have used the Static IP option and manually keyed in the pcs IP address to it, there is two other options, Dynamic IP and PPOE? I need someone to point me in the right direction with all this, any help would be of great assisstance.

  Ashrich 22:22 03 Oct 2007

You want to use DHCP ( dynamic ) so it gets an IP address from the router , and have both PC's set to acquire an IP address automatically ( right click on your LAN port in control panel/network connections , click on " properties " then double click on TCP/IP and tick the boxes " Obtain an IP address etc , and Obtain DNS server address etc. ) That should stop the disconnections every few days .


  Clairelouise 22:27 03 Oct 2007

Ok thank you I will try that and see if it works.

  Clairelouise 11:07 04 Oct 2007

Changed the settings to Dynamic Ip and when I've used the net this morning its cut me off again, could the problem be somewhere else?


  Clairelouise 22:20 04 Oct 2007

Anymore solutions to this problem I'm having? Also on the odd occassion I get the whole limited connectivity and the only way I find to fix this problem is to reinstall the ethernet adapter I bought as the pc didn't have one built in so I had to buy an external one.

  ambra4 19:13 07 Oct 2007

“I had to buy an external one”

Is it a USB port to a 10/100 Ethernet Connector?

What type and make and model #

  Clairelouise 19:37 07 Oct 2007

Yeah thats what it is, the model number is ZT6688 USB 2 Fast Ethernet Adapter?

  ambra4 20:31 07 Oct 2007

Did a driver came with unit as it seems that the driver need to be upgraded

Go to this site and download the driver and see if works, you can always reinstall the old driver

“To best of my knowledge, the driver dm9601.c is originally written for Davicom products and people
Later extended it to support another brand ZT6688 my USB NIC chip.”

click here

  ambra4 20:33 07 Oct 2007

Sorry #5 down the page

  Clairelouise 20:51 07 Oct 2007

Yeah I got a cd with the driver on it, I find when I get the message saying limited connectivity etc that uninstalling the driver for it then reinstalling it fixes the problem but it gets quite tedious after a while having to do it every single time.

  Ashrich 22:43 07 Oct 2007

ambra4 , that is a driver for Linux ...still searching for a Windows one


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