Set-up WAP-logging on to Edimax server

  johnedlord 16:06 01 Mar 2009

I have recently added a Wireless Access Point to my Wired Router. Having plugged the WAP into the PSU, and connected it to the wired router by ethernet cable, I immediately got a good wireless connection. The WAP default station is not encrypted or password protected and I wish to enable these. The addresss for setting up the WAP is shown in the manual to be When I enter this in my browser I get the set-up page for the wired router and not the WAP. Try as I may I cannot access the set-up page for the WAP.

I am with Virgin Media via a cable modem. The wired side of my system has always worked perfectly. I am able to log on to the web on the wireles default station with no problem, but want to encrypt this and set a password.

My equipment is:- Edimax Wired Router, Model BR6104k and Edimax WAP Model EW7206APG. Just how do I access the set=-up page for the WAP? Any help would be much appreciated. I am a newbie to networking and would be grateful for simple advice.

  mgmcc 16:48 01 Mar 2009

>>> Just how do I access the set-up page for the WAP?

Connect the Wireless Access Point directly to the PC's ethernet port, missing out the Router. If the WAP's IP address is, then you will need to give the PC's "Local Area Connection" a fixed IP address in the same Subnet, e.g. with Subnet Mask

Configure the WAP and change its IP address so that it doesn't conflict with the router's (change it to something like Then set the Local Area Connection back to getting *BOTH* its IP and DNS Server addresses automatically, connect the PC to the Router again and connect the WAP to the Router. You should still be able to access the WAP's configuration pages via its new IP address even when it is connected to the Router

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