Set Top Box, TV, DVD, & VCR connections

  Kuching 21:34 18 Jan 2005

I accept my problem is not PC related, but would be grateful if someone could offer some advice. I would like to be able to:

a) watch TV,
b) record and playback on the DVD,
c) playback on the VCR, and
d) transfer recordings from the VCR to the DVD.

Please advise on how I should connect the scart leads and the aerials to achieve the above?

  tnt115 22:19 18 Jan 2005

for transfer from video to dvd recorder you need to plug the scart from the output of the video av2 to dvd input socket

  Rich B 22:43 18 Jan 2005

Arial form the wall to the DVD then out to the Video then finally in to the T.V.

You the need to run a Scart form the DVD to the T.V
A Scart for the DVD to the Video
And then a Scart form the Video to the T.V

This set upb will allow you to
Record to DVD
Record to VHS
Record for VHS to DVD
Watch VHD
Watch DVD
Watch T.V.

Hope this helps

  Rich B 22:45 18 Jan 2005

just realised you said set top box. aswell
you need to put this in first in the loop af aerials in front of the dvd then run the scart form that to tv in sted of form the video unless you have got three sockets on the back of your tv

  JACMAC 18:12 19 Jan 2005

Note. You don't want to be forever changing scarts.
So you want a multi scart socet switching unit.
These come in from 2 to 5 inputs to 1 output normally BUT NOTE you must get a switch one.

There some on the market with several scarts to one O/P but no switching and these do not work properly as two or more units all connected to the same scart circuit change to 75 ohm loading and the picture quality suffers.

With a switched unit only one input at a time is connected to the output.

  Kuching 21:31 19 Jan 2005

The aerial goes from the wall to the Box, then on to the DVD, to the VCR and finally to the TV. That, I understand; thank you.

The TV has 3 scarts which are connected to the Box, the DVD and the VCR. I take it, from JACMAC, that the Box is connected to the DVD and VCR via a multi scart socket switching unit. This allows me to use the DVD or VCR independently and without losing picture quality. But does this allow me to transfer recordings from the VCR to the DVD? Do I need to connect the two directly, and if so, how? There just aren't enough scart sockets on either of them.

Would appreciate further enlightenment, please.

  jimv7 21:38 19 Jan 2005

From index, a scart box
click here


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