Set up a new SATA hard drive on a laptop

  BBW 09:25 17 Mar 2008

I have purchased a new ACER 5320 laptop with Vista.
I want to revert to XP so I purchased a new SATA hard drive.
To ensure I could go back to the original if I had problems.
The new drive is a SATA HD Western Digital 120Gb SATA WD1200BEVS.
I have partitioned and formatted it with Western Digital LifeGuard Tools software, but now I try to install XP it comes up with ‘Hard drive Not Recognised’
Has anyone ideas on this. Previous posts don't seem to cover my problem.

  Stuartli 09:56 17 Mar 2008

Have you/do you need to install the SATA drivers?

  BBW 09:58 17 Mar 2008

Have you/do you need to install the SATA drivers?
I don't know!

  Stuartli 10:21 17 Mar 2008
  BBW 12:49 17 Mar 2008

any thanks for that, Stuartli. Will work through them and see how it works out!

  BBW 17:47 20 Mar 2008

CONCLUSION! Win Xp does not recognise a SATA drive.
One must download a driver from the BUS controller builder, in my case INTEL. The options are so confusing I have given up and retained Windows VISTA.
The reason for returning to XP was the running of XP software. I have discovered in VISTA there is an option to run programmes in an XP mode! which I have found works for XP programmes I have tried.

  Stuartli 19:03 20 Mar 2008

You can do exactly the same with XP for previous versions of Windows.

  David4637 18:14 22 Mar 2008

What do you need to do in Vista to run XP progs?
Be useful to know as not yet faced with a Vista PC yet? Thanks David

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