Set up network for Xbox & PC

  Allan-263226 17:14 04 Jan 2004

Hi all,

I have an XP2600+, 512 DDR, Gigabyte mobo, WIN XP

I want to share my internet connection with my xbox to play XBox live.

My internet connection is through NTL set top box in my room. Now I spoke to NTL and they advised I cannot play XBox directly through my set top box as it's not supported.
I read somewhere that this could be done but cannot remeber where!!!

Would I need a router for this to work or can I use a 4 port hub that i've got lying around??

All help will be greatly appreciated

would do it.

  Allan-263226 17:21 04 Jan 2004

Thought you would say that, what Router would you recommend?

  Allan-263226 19:22 04 Jan 2004

I just thought i would give the 5 port hub a try and lo and behold, after a few bits of tinkering, I have managed to get this up and running.

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