SB23 19:48 10 Jul 2006

I've just tried to run the check disk utility, (the one where it asks about running at the next reboot). The next thing I know, the pc is stuck in a loop, it runs the check ok, reboots, blue screen appears with "SESSION5_INITIALIZATION_FAILED", about hardware changes, for which I am not guilty, I turn off, whole process starts again. 4 times this has happened. I've used last good configuration to get it working again, and here I am. I've had a few problems the last few days, pc extremely slow, not responding etc. Has anyone ideas?



  howard63 19:50 10 Jul 2006

could be a virus - try starting in safe mode [jump f8 up and down as windows starts] then go for system restore.

  SB23 19:51 10 Jul 2006

I tried safe mode as an option earlier, all this stuff came up on the screen, then it went to blue screen again.

  howard63 21:11 10 Jul 2006

if you have the xp cd you can try to repair xp. Boot with the cd in [you may have to go into the bios to boot from cd] then when you get to the options press R to repair the installation.

  Joe R 21:40 10 Jul 2006


after a bit of checking, it seems in the vast majority of cases, this problem is caused by a corrupt version of the ntdll.dll file.

you can download a copy here and install. click here

  SB23 21:43 10 Jul 2006

I've just read that aswell. Will download and let you know.


  SB23 21:47 10 Jul 2006

Ok, my next question is, "what do you open it with", am I having a bad day or what?, lol

  Joe R 22:05 10 Jul 2006


copy and paste it into the system32 folder in windows.

  SB23 14:58 11 Jul 2006

Unable to copy, as it says that it is being used. What program uses ntdll.dll so that I can copy it to that folder?

  Joe R 15:13 11 Jul 2006


boot into safe mode, using the f8 shortcut, and rename the ntdll.dll file already in the folder. (just add a 0 or 1 to the end)

Then copy and paste the new file.

  SB23 16:26 11 Jul 2006

I've done it, thanks to your suggestion, time will tell. Will let this thread run for a day or 10, or so. You never know I may be back. Hope not though.



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