Services on PC are settings correct? help please

  bof:) 22:52 17 Oct 2007

Hi all, brothers PC (WindowsXP home service pack2), is infected with popups and a log has been sent off to MRU.

BUT since sending the log off we can no longer connect to the internet.

I've looked at all of the internet settings and they are ok. (Put D-link wireless router on yesterday.. it has been found by the PC all day, until I went home)

Nephew phoned saying pc cannot find the internet, their other pc a laptop is connecting normally.

I've checked by phone all I can re the internet settings on the pc and they all seem ok.

I thought I'd have a look in the Servics for anything odd and found what I've listed below, could someone please advise me if they are ok. thank you.

DNS client..set to manual, I reset it to automatic.

Error reporting service..set to disabled, I reset to automatic.

HTTP SSL..was set to manual, I set to automatic.

Human Interface..was set to disabled, I reset it to automatic.

Messenger..was set to disabled I set it to automatic.

Net Meeting Remote Desktop sharing..disabled

NTLM..Security support..set to disabled, reset to automatic.

Performance Logs/alerts..set to disabled, reset to automatic.

Portable Media serial number server..set to disabled...didnt know what to do with this one?

Remote access Auto connection..set to manual, reset to disabled. (there where 2 of these)

Procedure call (RPC)..set to this right?

Procedure call location, set to this right?

SSDP discovery service..set o this right?

System Remote Services..set to this right?

TCP/IP net Bios..set to manual, ..reset to automatic.

Telephony..set to manual,...reset to autmatic.

I cannot send anything to MRU until I get internet connection running, thank you for all help given,


  Stuartli 23:09 17 Oct 2007

BlackViper's website is currently available again and details his assessment of Service settings for XP, XP Pro, Vista etc. See:

click here

  brundle 00:09 18 Oct 2007

Telephony is the only one on your list that would actually disable 'net access.

Winsock, LSP fix or TCP/IP reset are more likely.
click here
click here
click here

Try one at a time, reboot after applying.

  bof:) 21:14 19 Oct 2007

Hi Stuartli and brundle, many thanks for your help. I'd copied the fixes to cd disk ready to take to my brothers when the phone rang and my brother said,'whats this D-link icon for on the desktop?' I said that I didn'know but left click it.

When he did so it listed all available wireless networks including his own. He highlighted it and clicked on connect and found he was connected to the internet.

Somehow, when he right clicks the wireless icon on the right hand side of his task bar and clicks on, view available networks nothing is shown and there is a message sayig microsoft cannot configure the internet settings.

But clicking the D-link icon shows all available networks and lets you connect to the internet.

I've not seen this before and assume that the D-link program has disabled the part of the microsoft program that would find and display any available wireless networks.

Is this correct?

Thank you everyone for your help its very much appreciated.


  brundle 21:33 19 Oct 2007

Yes, that's usually the modus operandi when a 3rd party program is used to control wireless networking.

  bof:) 00:38 20 Oct 2007

thanks brundle :-)

I was just a bit puzzled because I have a neighbour who uses D-link and they do not have the D-link icon on their desktop.


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