Services keep beig please thankyou

  bof:) 11:07 07 Sep 2007

Hi all, yesterday I wet to look at friends pc for him because his printer was playing up.

His pc is using WindowsXP Home SP2

I deleted old printer drivers and rebooted pc and the put my USBpen with new drivers ito USB port and nothing happened.

None of the 4 USB ports on pc were working.

(rebooted and looked in Bios all seemed ok in there)

I tried to open Device Manager but only got a blank page.

I tried using devmgmt.msc command and still got a blank page.

Thinking to get help from PCA Helproom I tried to connect to the net and found that I could not do so. Also the dialup adsl folder was missing in the interet connections folder.

So I had a look in the Services folder and most things such as Plug n play,Tcp/IP, telephony, event viewer, etc were all disabled.

My friend had the same problem a few months ago but I just rest everything in Services and that seemed to solve the problem.

He later had MSB on his pc which was removed.

It seems now that every now and then something is happening to disable his Services.

I've ran AVG free, AVG spyware ,Adaware,SpywareBlaster is on the pc to.

Nothing has been found.

I've run HUT and registered him with MRU.

But Internet then stopped connecting so was unable to activate his account with MRU.

Also could not do an online scan.

Any help would be very much appreciated as friend needs pc for work.



  recap 12:04 07 Sep 2007

click here and follow the instructions then, Click the link from VoG.

click here and read the instructions.

Your friends computer may have spyware on it.

  bof:) 13:16 07 Sep 2007

Hi recap, I hope I've got this right? I known how to post a HJT log.

Its the problem my friend is having with his 'Services' being occasionally disabled that I'm asking for help with.

If I once again sit and reset the 'Services'on my friends pc, I can get on the net and post the HJT log to MRU site.

BUT after this at a variable time the 'Services' will be reset to Disabled and my friend will loose et connection, plug and play etc. Until you manually sit are resit each service.

Its whats causing the services to set to disabled I need help with solvig.

Many Thanks,



  bof:) 16:09 07 Sep 2007


  brundle 16:21 07 Sep 2007

Have you looked in the event log for any clues?

start menu/run, type eventvwr.msc

  bof:) 17:36 07 Sep 2007

Hi Brundle, no I haven't I'll have a look if I can.

I did notice if memory serves me right Event viewer was one of the services that was disabled in Services.

I'll have a look tomorrow morning at my friends.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have to admit I'm a bit stumped as to what can disable some Services at varying times.

I've asked the guy at the local pc shop and he says there's nothing he can think of that could do this with regards to hardware problems.


  bof:) 21:24 07 Sep 2007

Hi brundle here's an update.

On trying to get into Eventlog, my friend got the following message:

'Unable to complete the operation the interface is unknown'

I went through his 'Services' list comparing the list on my pc to his and reset his setting so they matched mine where possible.

He still however got the same message when trying to access the Event viewer.

He can now access the internet and he has posted a HJT log onto MRU's website.

So he is now waiting to get a reply.

Thankyou for your help, if you have any other thoughts could you please let me know, as the problem may not be virus/malware related.


  bof:) 18:48 20 Sep 2007

Hi all, MRU found several keyloggers/backdoor virus on my friends pc and are now helping to clear them.

Thankyou all for your help,


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