Service pk 2 and Ebay

  halken 18:57 29 Oct 2004

since i installed service pack 2 i cant log onto ebay i get a message that the site is experiencing difficulties and i should try later and also to check the settings of my computer. I have a dial up connection so i unplug my computer and use my lap top and hey presto it works, i have tried comparing settings on my 2 machines and i cant find any difference any suggestions would be a great help

  halken 18:58 29 Oct 2004

forgot to mention i can acess every other site i try to log on to so its got me baffled

  Dorsai 18:59 29 Oct 2004

how long ago did you SP2?

  Dorsai 19:07 29 Oct 2004

I have just signed into Ebay, and i have SP2, so it must be either they were down a short while ago, or that your security setting are blocking the site.

All i can say is that Ebay + Sp2 works, for me.

  halken 19:19 29 Oct 2004

i installed sp 2 about 2 weeks ago and i have had nowt but bother since

  Andsome 19:23 29 Oct 2004

I've found SP2 to be the best thing since sliced bread

  Dorsai 19:42 29 Oct 2004

I suspect the problem is more to do with your PC than a specific Web site. When i first sp2'd it FUBAR after 2 weeks. Eventually i re-formatted, and re-installed. I suspect it was trying to SP2 on top of everything else on the PC.

Second time, install XP, Install SP2, install everything else. Worked OK, and has ever since.

I am sorry not to offer help, but as i can get onto e-bay OK, and never could not do so, i cant say 'when it stopped working for me i did (this)'

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