"Service Database Is Locked" ?

  dublincity 19:58 22 Jun 2006

I had a very sluggish PC (with a Linux + 2 x XP Pro OS's) for a few days that I've narrowed down to some problem with the external HD connection. When I disconnect it, the PC is back up to speed and runs well.

When I re-connect the external HD, a 'hardware failure' pop-up eventually appears - followed 10 minutes later by a "Service Database Is Locked" sign.

I don't know if the drive has become faulty or if there is a problem with the PC.

Any advice will be gratefully received. Cheers.

  rexgrant 01:49 23 Jun 2006

Hi dublincity.
You could try this,Start/My computer/If your external
drive is showing up, under hard drives Right click on the drive/properties/tools/check now/tick both boxe's
/then start.You will now have to reboot your PC before it will start.
Goon luck

  dublincity 02:11 23 Jun 2006

Thanks - I have several partitions on the external HD and only one of them appears (& at the wrong size) in 'My Computer' BUT because of the sluggishness of the PC wih the drive connected, nothing gets completed or can be relied upon. Even Partition Magic will not now open with the drive connected. I'll have another go. Cheers.

  rexgrant 03:05 23 Jun 2006

Hi again.
There are a couple of more things you can try,if your drive is starting to pack up these may help until you save your data.are you getting (userenv) warnings
in your event viewers, system error records.If you are it is a good chance your hhd is on its way out.Go to windows downloads and download (USER Profile Hive
clean up service)This program will help the files clear the Registry.You can also try this.Start / control panel/Administrative tools/computer management/Device manager/Ide ata/atapi controllers primary cannel and if (comand Queuing) is checked,uncheck it.
Good look.

  dublincity 17:34 25 Jun 2006

Many Thanks - I'll look into that.

Any attempt now to re-connect the ext. HD results in everything 'freezing' after just a few minutes of 'Autoplay' starting to run. Disconnecting puts the PC back to 'OK'.

I'll report back later ........

Thanks Again.

  dublincity 02:42 28 Jun 2006

The problem is solved but I'm not sure how! My event viewers & system error records were full of dozens of errors per day - most of which I didn't understand.

I d/l'ed, installed and ran uphclean. It was a 'black DOS box' that, again, I didn't understand.

With the external drive connected, all the symptoms were of 'low memory'. At one stage, the 'virtual memory is low and will be increased' sign came up.

By waiting about 8 hours, I finally ran Partition Magic which showed 2 out of 3 partitions on the external HD with minor errors. I could run Windows to repair these - that took another 8 hours. The 3rd partition seemed to be well and truly corrupted and unrepairable but PM could re-format it - I lost the work on it (not valuable) but finished up with everything running smoothly and as good as usual. Ummmmmmm!

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