Pau1JB 11:18 22 May 2004

Can comebody give me some background info on servers.

Is there any point in me renting one.

Can u use it to improve the speed in which i can obtain things off the net.


  Graham ® 11:41 22 May 2004

I presume you mean a server in a company office. This is basically a computer that has all the other computers (clients) networked to it. It will hold all the company information and provide internet access.

In a large company it may be linked to other servers in other premises.

  Pau1JB 12:21 22 May 2004

u server, u know the way u cant rent them or make your own.

people do this so that they can use for p2p programes etc.

is there an advantage to this, cause servers have faster connections.

  Graham ® 12:37 22 May 2004

Oh, you mean Serv-u! It's free click here

  Graham ® 14:39 22 May 2004

Thankyou, Graham, that's just what I wanted.

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