Server...How do i?

  AlexPB 14:50 29 Feb 2008


I have an old PC in my spare bedroom, i also have a wireless internet in my house and we have three different PC's and laptops runnig off of this connection. now i was wondering is there a way that I can use this old PC which has two very big hard drives in to use as a file server so that it can be accessed by all three of the computers to save and access files etc from wirelessly via our wireless?


  crosstrainer 14:57 29 Feb 2008

The old PC will need a wireless networking card:

click here

Along the lines of the link (check to make sure you have an available PCI slot to accept the card in the old PC.

Then you will need to configure file and print sharing on all computers attached to you VPN (virtual private network) You can post back for more info when you have your new card installed.

  AlexPB 14:59 29 Feb 2008

is there no way I can use my wireless router to send the signal as oppoesed to a new card?

  crosstrainer 15:02 29 Feb 2008

If your old pc has no wireless card, then your only other option is to hardwire into a network card (if it has one) A cable from the router to the old pc (ethernet) will work if the older machine has an ethernet port....If not, then you are better off using the wireless method...Using the cable you still need to configure file and print sharing.

  AlexPB 15:05 29 Feb 2008

Thanks for the speedy reply.

The old PC has an ethernet port yes for the wireless router to connect to. When i connect the router to the old PC how do I set up the network method so that the PC is sending out the signal for the other PC's to connect to because at the moment they just connect to the router coming out of the phone line in the wall.


  crosstrainer 15:08 29 Feb 2008

Other PC's have wireless capablity? If so, they should be able to "see" the Router. If they do not have wireless cards in them, then you are back to square one....Each pc you wish to connect to the network must either have a wireless or ethernet (cabled) connection.

  AlexPB 15:14 29 Feb 2008

No sorry, the other PC's are all wireless enabled, they currently pick up the signal from the wireless router. If i plug the router into the PC will i have to configure anything on the old PC in order for the other PC's that connect to the router to see the hard drives and printer etc...?


  crosstrainer 15:18 29 Feb 2008

Yes, file and print sharing will need to be emabled on each machine...This isn't as hard as it sounds, but depends on your operating system(s) As to how you go about it.

  AlexPB 15:20 29 Feb 2008

How would i archieve this then, my OS is XP Home
Sorry for all the questions i think that i need a sort step by step on what i need to do


  crosstrainer 15:23 29 Feb 2008
  crosstrainer 15:25 29 Feb 2008

Do this on each machine you wish to share, and make sure that your wireless router has full security do not want anyone walking into your setup and looking at your files.

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