server, streamer or other??

  stannerz 12:34 05 May 2008

I have 2 PC's a lap top and a plasma tv. I have a wireless network and want advise as to the best way to store all my music, pictures and record TV play them on my plasma TV. I would like a unit that does all.

The plasma is in the front room and only has video and normal ariel leads, it does not have HDMI unfortunately.

I have toyed between a streamer and a server? I am open really to any suggestions but didint want to spend the earth.

Please help.

  Jim_F 16:06 05 May 2008

1) Quire a few DVD players do all three formats so you could just burn to CD-R or DVD-R

2) If one of your PCs has s-video out click here then it may be possible to connect via ths route if the TV supports it (s-video in on the same connector or via SCART).

3) You could get a media player HDD enclosure: click here

4) You could stream the video from a PC via your network but frankly I've found wireless to be a little prone to interference so not suitable for this.

  stannerz 18:37 05 May 2008

Sorry need to explain the lay out in more detail. The lap top, PC1, PC2 and Plasma are all in seperate rooms in the house. I have a wireless connection upstairs set to PC2 and a TV card in PC1 upstairs also. The plasma is down stairs in the front room with nothing else. I am happy to run cables or wireless.

I was hoping to find a device that I could rip all my music, pictures etc to (or to one of the PC's) and then play back via my TV and surround sound system that are in the front room.

The HDD mentioned would not allow me to set up play lists which is something I would want. CDs are out of the question they are something I am wanting to get away from.

  MCE2K5 20:32 05 May 2008

How about a Freecom Network MediaPlayer 450 WLAN 500GB click here

Manual click here

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