server-related issues...I think!!

  end 09:57 27 Dec 2004

this thread click here

gives the "basics" of the discussion;

does anyone know of a forum that deals with server-related issues...PLEASE!!!

  end 08:37 29 Dec 2004

anyone any ideas?? or suggest where I can find a forum that deals with server issues??

  Forum Editor 09:11 29 Dec 2004

but please provide some detail. It would have been better to have continued with your previous thread on the subject, but you haven't, so I'm going to lock that one. Please stick to this thread from now on.

From what I can gather you say that you can't read any email that contains an attachment, and that the mailserver appears to be treating even the AVG certification text as an attachment. Forgive me for asking the obvious, but:-

1. Why don't you simply use Outlook Express for your mail?

2. Have you been in touch with TalkGas about this?

3. Are you using Internet Explorer, and if so are the security options at their default settings?

  end 10:31 29 Dec 2004

I am accessing this at work; I will try later at home with default settings on my PC; I have spoken with the technicians in their talkgas technical help room and even they cannot "read" the mails that I am having problems with ; it may be a recent change on the talkgas server that prevents me from reading the "body" of the message that has any attachement , including any "virus free" certification; and , with respect, F.E. even yours to me I am unable to read; other members have sent various test mails to me , with and without attachement, and with and without virus "certification " switched on; I am STILL waiting for a response from the postmaster at talkgas to respond to my requests for information, and support at talkgas have been "unhelpful" ;

at home I have AGV antivirus; at work we have Mcaffey; whichever PC I use I cannot read the messages

I have Mailwasher on my PC and am able now to preview the message which tells me that I am not receiving "blank" e mails, which was what my original impression on this was.

On this address I have always read my mails direct from the server, and see no reason or need to use OE which I personally do not like.

I will try tonight, when on my own PC to lower the settings for the site and see if that makes any difference; I will also ask other members who have been "involved" with this issue to contribute their input to this thread ; stating the obvious, that at work I am unable to adjust any settings.
I had also wondered whether any other forum members use talkgas for their e mails, and, if so, wondered if I could be put in contact with them to see if they too have this issue?

  end 19:34 29 Dec 2004

would active X controls, Java Permissions, and Access data sources across domains have any relevence here?

( questions whih will demonstrate ,my obvious" ignorance" of their functions..)

  VoG II 21:27 29 Dec 2004

Does anybody else use Talkgas?

  Djohn 03:36 30 Dec 2004

end,have you checked your security settings as FE suggest?

  VoG II 09:08 30 Dec 2004

As end experiences the same problem on two different PCs at home as well as at work, I conclude that this is 99% likely to be a problem with Talkgas.

You may not like OE, end, but there may be no alternative.

  Forum Editor 09:15 30 Dec 2004

on the server it seems pretty obvious that there's either a problem on their mailserver, or there's a problem with the messages themselves. As they have come from multiple sources, via different smtp servers, the latter doesn't seem likely does it?

Again I ask - why don't you try using Outlook Express, like millions of others? It's a far better option than using webmail as your default. It's your choice of course, but it does seem a little odd to say "I see no reason to use OE......." when here in this thread is a very good reason - at least to give it a go. If you tried Outlook Express and still couldn't read your mail it would be a pound to a penny that the fault was at the TalkGas end.

  Forum Editor 09:15 30 Dec 2004

Advice in stereo.

  end 18:00 30 Dec 2004

to the talkgas technicians and their having a "quick conference" about this issue, for whatever reason, it seems that the server "does not support"(whatever that means ?)the , what the server is "seeing AS ,"attachments", despite the fact that the fact that the so-called attachment , just happens to be the main part of the message

the server seems to think that they are "viruses" or whatever ( despite the fact that I for one KNOW that they are NOT!!), and will not open them;

as far as I know, talkgas does not have a separate "suspect" section in which to put these mails for ME to personally check for authenticity and tell the server that they are "safe"; such a facility would be "useful" to say the least,
and, so far I STILL have not heard from the postmaster with HIS "input" on this:(

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