Server rejected Mail

  Elderslie 12:15 24 Jun 2008

My Sister in NZ has recently been failing to send me emails and gets "Server rejected mail from address"
She uses OE and her ISP is I use Thunderbird and Tiscali. - If she then 'forwards' the email it gets to me OK. -- Is the server in the message hers or mine? and can someone tell us what we should do?

  Ditch999 12:29 24 Jun 2008

Need the full details of the "Server rejected mail" to see who rejected it. It could be her server, your server or an anti virus programme.

  Elderslie 16:06 24 Jun 2008

Yes, I agree, Ditch 999; I too am not getting enough info from Sis And I am just hoping that the problem is at her end and I was hoping that one of the experts would know from what I sent to you which Server hers or mine was doing the rejection. I hoped the fact that the second sending went and came with no prob might ring a bell!

  Elderslie 11:02 25 Jun 2008

Just had an email from my sis which, she says, she has sent four times (I've received it once!) the rejected email had a notice:-"Diagnostic code: smtp;550 mail not accepted from blacklisted IP address". Have I perhaps unwittingly labelled her address as Spam? And if so how do I 'Unspam' her?

  crosstrainer 11:11 25 Jun 2008

This message means that your sisters ISP has been blacklisted.

There is nothing you can do about this, given time it may or may not be removed from the list....The practice is quite common these day's.

The other option of course is for your sister to change ISP's or use a hotmail address.

It seems to be that this ISP uses SORBS and the blacklisting is therefore justified....I would get her to change.

  Elderslie 11:14 05 Jul 2008

Just had a reply from Tiscali [my ISP] who say that they use database provided by Spamhaus and they cannot unilaterally unblock Clear [Sis's ISP] It is up to Clear to contact Spamhaus to get themselves unblocked. I just hope it doesn't take too long 'cos Sis is rather displeased with all the kerfuffle!

  Ditch999 13:05 05 Jul 2008

As crosstrainer says, get her to sign up with a web based email service like Yahoo or Hotmail in the meantime. At least she will have mail of some sort.

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