Server not found when downloading anti virus

  Valedictor 13:20 15 Mar 2009

Hi all,

I am totally baffled by this - I am at my parents' house trying to install some free antivirus software on their desktop and laptop. I use AVG on my own computers, but when I try to go to the AVG site on either of my parents' computers, I get the server not found page come up.

This also happens if I try to go to the Avast homepage too!

I just tried accessing AVG on my mobile phone, and it works just fine. What on earth could be blocking my parents' computers from accessing either of these sites? Is it possible there is a virus on both of them that is preventing me from accessing something that might kill it?

I have actually managed to download AVG on one of the computers, but this was through an alternative download location. Of course, when I go to update AVG to use for the first time, it tries to contact the AVG site for the updates and fails...

Any ideas?

Many thanks, Jessica

  Valedictor 13:24 15 Mar 2009

Just tried something. Parents have AOL installed on both computers. If I fire up AOL, it does let me go to the AVG site. It only says server not found if I simply try to access through Firefox or Internet Explorer without AOL running...

Why is this?

  brundle 13:28 15 Mar 2009

Because AOL provides the authentication to allow you access to the internet;

click here

You can use the AOL dialler to avoid having to load the whole hideous AOL experience....

click here

  Valedictor 13:31 15 Mar 2009

Sorry, that was meant to read 'address not found', rather than 'server not found'!

Also noticed that although I can get to the AVG site through AOL, when I try to update AVG while signed in to AOL, it still won't go to the AVG site to update if I click the update button while in AVG - do I need to make AOL the default browser or something? It's almost as if it doesn't notice AOL is installed and able to get me to the AVG site...

  Valedictor 13:32 15 Mar 2009

Thanks Brundle - why is it that I can access other sites just fine through Firefox, but not these two antivirus sites?

  Valedictor 13:38 15 Mar 2009

Do you think if I uninstall AVG, and then reinstall, except this time through AOL, will it allow me to connect through AOL when I need to update?

Perhaps if I installed through Firefox the first time, it configured differently or something like that? maybe AVG needs to know that AOL is present when it is being installed?

  brundle 13:55 15 Mar 2009

I can't answer that one. Regarding uninstall and re-install, don't bother - the AVG software only looks for the update server, it doesn't care how you connect to the internet or what browser you use.

Just to clarify - without opening AOL you can access sites using Firefox/IE but not AVG's site, and AVG won't update.

When you load/use AOL - what happens then regarding Firefox/IE and AVG updates?

  brundle 13:56 15 Mar 2009

Is there any firewall software installed?

  Valedictor 14:53 15 Mar 2009

If I sign in to AOL and then go back into the AVG program and click update, it still won't let me update - it says the connection fails. As I said before, I get the impression that it is simply trying to access the AVG update site by going through Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The Windows Firewall is enabled, and that's it...

  brundle 15:13 15 Mar 2009

So no AVG updates at all? Do you really mean the AVG update site itself or the server? I make the distinction for clarity - if you are trying to manually update AVG by going to AVG's update web-page via a browser to download the update files for installation ( click here ), then whether you use AOL or FF/IE may affect the outcome and there may be something blocking communications. If you mean you are just trying to get AVG to update from AVG's own interface, browser is irrelevant.

  brundle 15:19 15 Mar 2009

If you open a command prompt on either machine and ping the AVG site do you get a response?

First by name, then by numberl




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