Server login after reboot?

  sobeitjedi 09:04 28 Jul 2006


I have a script which enables me to reboot my servers at particular times, the only problem is logging back in after the reboot. Is it possible to do this remotely? Remote Desktop is unable to connect.

  recap 12:53 28 Jul 2006

sobeitjedi, could you supply more information on which servers you are refering to please?

  ACOLYTE 13:22 28 Jul 2006

Not sure but doesn't Remote Desktop have to be initiated from both PC's in order for it to connect?,this may be the problem it is being started on one machine but not the other.I don't know if this is the problem i am just guessing=).
It may also be possible with some sort of control panel HTML setup,i have done something similar with one server as a remote admin,although the app i used was already set up for the server i was using it did enable me to run a server on one PC and login to it from another,as long as you have the correct IP address and pass/user name.

It may be also possible to modify the script you have to reconnect to the master server after reboot,this would depend on what servers are bieng used for and how you connect to them.


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