Server 2003 Active Directory. Accidental Deletion!

  m_hood 13:52 04 Jan 2006

Can anyone help! We accidentally deleted one of our Administrators accounts yesterday from Active Directory on Win Server 2003 SP1. Creating the account again is not the problem, associating his account with all the local profiles on various machines around the office is though. The simple solution would be to restore this deletion if possible??


  recap 14:01 04 Jan 2006

Have you looked in the Profile folder for this account?

  m_hood 14:11 04 Jan 2006

Hi, where might I find this profile folder? I dont see anything relating to this in my Active Directory. It is at this level where I would like to retrieve the account so everything works as it did, and no further work is required on clients around the building.

  pauldonovan 14:16 04 Jan 2006 may as well be called 'Joe Bloggs' as, if I remember correctly, it will now have a different 'SID' (unique identifier).

Why are the local profiles for administrator around the building important? Don't forget local admin and domain admin are different.

I think recap means take a look in C:\Documents and Settings on the local machines when you log in. These are based on name but it might create an additional profile in there for the 'new' administrator. You can copy profiles but it will presumably take some time to visit each PC.

I have a hunch you'll have to visit each PC unless anyone else has any bright ideas but i'd be interested in the answers to the above.

  recap 14:18 04 Jan 2006

Open Explorer and navigate down the tree to your Profile folder.

  m_hood 14:20 04 Jan 2006

Hi, thanks for your reply. The fella who's account was deleted has his desktop and a few other settings all configured in a slightly different way to standard, something he is quite keen on maintaining.

If the only way is to manually change them then I suppose that will have to do.


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