Serious Problems With My Friends Laptop

  julius44 10:24 23 Jul 2007

Hello all, yesterday a good friend of mine brought her laptop to my place as she had told me that it had gradually become very slow...i didnt realise HOW bad her problem was until i connected to 1 of the ports on my wired router....EVERY single progam takes between 5-6 mins to load up...we tried to scan with Mccafee which was on her PC but it took too long....and her add/delete programs does not seem to work at all, tried system restore but couldnt get to the final bit.....her internet does MANAGE to work.....can anyone suggest any good anti virus websites where we can do a quick scan?? or any other suggestions please her pc does have 512 ram with windows XP and she only has no heavy programs on her laptop. pls help!!!!

  birdface 10:59 23 Jul 2007

She could try running Winaso here If you download the trial version it only deletes 10 things at a time, But you can run it as often as you like, It also has a defrag on it if you want to use it,I would also go into msconfig and see how many start up programs that she has,I think you can untick them all except her Firewall and Spyware programs.I would also go into Safe mode and try running her Spyware programs on there,Up-date them first.

  birdface 11:07 23 Jul 2007

Sorry she could also go into Device Manager and make sure there are no yellow exclamation marks on any of her devices,Also ask if she has downloaded any thing lately that would have caused the computer to run so slow.It may have been the latest Microsoft up-dates that have done it,Go into Task Manager.Processes.And see what is taking up most of her Cpu. If system Idle process is taking up about 96% everything will be Ok.If not let us know what is hogging it.

  wee eddie 12:45 23 Jul 2007

Emptied Recycle Bin, Cleared the Internet Temp Files, Defragmented, Updated her Anti Virus, Installed a Fire-Wall, Installed and Run any Anti Malwear Software.

If not ~ Do that then see how fast the programs load.

  julius44 13:34 23 Jul 2007

Thanks buteman..........i'll tell her to bring her PC around tonight after work....i did notice something though.....when i looked at all her programs via CC cleaner there were about btw 15-18 microsoft security updates that were showing, but i really didnt thing much of u think this is normal/ or could be the problem??

  birdface 14:03 23 Jul 2007

In add remove I have about 19 ,Not so many showing in C Cleaner.Try Add Remove and tick the show up-dates at the top.That will show you how many you have.

  Kate B 15:38 23 Jul 2007

Sounds like it's loaded with spyware and other such rubbish - that can really slow down a machine. If it's that bad, I suggest extracting her data and doing a clean reinstall. It will probably be quicker than scanning and cleaning up the machine.

check in device manager that its not running pio only mode instead of ultra dma

device manager>ide ata atapi controllers>primary ide channel>properties>advanced settings>current transfer

  woodchip 20:02 23 Jul 2007

First try starting in safe mode then try the AV

  recap 22:02 23 Jul 2007

I would first go back to the basics, clear all Internet cache and empty the Recycle Bin.

Then click here read and follow all instructions for downlaoding and running HiJackthis from Nellie2.

  Strawballs 00:45 24 Jul 2007

Press F8 during bootup and run anti-syware program of your choice (I would use Spybot Search and Destroy)in safe mode.

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