Serious Problems with Hibernation

  wtkwhite 13:31 18 Aug 2007

Hi guys,

I have a 2000 machine dual boot with puppy linux, 733mhz, 128ram, 32 graphics.

I recently had troubles with running ntfsfix from linux and then editing files on my ntfs drive. Windows would not boot. I used my boot floppies and the emergency repair option on my boot floppies and all was well again.


Yesterday I realised that my computer would not hibernate, but before it started to write the ramdisc to the drive, simply restarted. i have run chkdsk and it finds errors, but when i tell it to fix errors it says it has to do it a startup. i let it.

Then, I get the same blue screen on boot and have to use last known good config. I am afraid to tackle this problem now! Any ideas please?

  Stuartli 13:45 18 Aug 2007

You may have to Enable Power modes in the Bios - there are various levels and Hibernation is S4 (you may also get an Auto option).

Also check from Start>Settings>Control Panel>Power Options>Hibernate tab that Hibernate has been Enabled.

  wtkwhite 14:33 18 Aug 2007

Sorry, I forgot to mention that it used to work. i think the place it tries to write to may be corrupted.

  wtkwhite 15:42 18 Aug 2007


  Kate B 17:11 18 Aug 2007

Hibernation is always dodgy. Why don't you just shut it down? Better for the PC, better for the planet.

  Stuartli 17:49 18 Aug 2007

Hibernation DOES shut the system down...:-)

Before the system goes into Hibernation, a full "snapshot" of the current programs, applications etc which are open is taken and saved; when you reboot you return exactly to where you were before going into Hibernation.

You are probably thinking of Standby.

  wtkwhite 18:16 18 Aug 2007

I do shutdown every few days, but it takes a full 5 mins to get the pc useable. Hibernate takes 20 secs.

  Stuartli 19:45 18 Aug 2007

FIVE minutes...:-)

It's best to shut down a system properly at least once a day.

  Kate B 20:38 18 Aug 2007

Ah, sorry, had it confused with sleep.

  Dvorak 13:13 13 Oct 2007

Sorry to resurrect my old thread, but I have had different developments.

Now I have managed to successfully reco ver bad sectors on my ntfs part. with chkdsk, I can hibernate. However, when I resume from it I get a garbled screen. A new window opened will be clear but moving the mouse over it will garble a small square.

Since I started having my hibernation problems, I updated my NV TNT2 drivers for GTAIII, but now I can hibernate, I think this may be causeing the problem. I don't want to revert drivers if I don't have to.

Any help please?

  Dvorak 13:18 13 Oct 2007

Oh yeah.

Also I thought I might be able to refresh the drivers, but no luck - I tried to change resolution to 800x600 with the plan of then changing back. It restarted the computer when I changed 1st time.

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