Serious PC Problem

  babybell 11:36 05 Dec 2004

I was on my PC yesterday and i noticed i still had Accella 3.3 Web Designer (on last months cover CD) and one of the windows optimizers from last months CD, still on my PC, which i dont use anymore. So i unistalled them, i restarted the PC and a Norton antivirus screen came on saying it couldnt find any configuration files, so i clicked ok ans now windows is asking for me to input al my details and my CD key and all that information, like when u first install windows??? Whats happened, those two things were the only thing i uninstalled and i did it through add/remove. Pleaseee tell me my work will still be on my pc, having trouble finding Windows 98 manual for CD key at the mo!

  JIM 11:46 05 Dec 2004

Start Windows in MS-DOS mode by pressing the Ctrl key as soon as your PC starts. This will get you the Bootup menu. Once the menu is up, choose Command prompt only.

Type Scanreg /restore at the prompt

You will get a screen where you can select which registry backup to use
Choose your backup (before as you say "yesterday") and press Restore.
When ready you'll be prompted to Restart your computer.

  babybell 20:42 05 Dec 2004

Right we have got to the list of registry restore dates and the top one says 17/02/2002 then there is another from 2002 which is later on but it says and others. The only years available are 2002, what do i stand to lose by restoring a registry from 2002? Will i lose any work or anything like that, more importantly which registry do i chose, please help!

  woodchip 20:50 05 Dec 2004

Try this it may work, Start your computer with a Win98 Startup floppy disc at a:\> type SCANREG /RESTORE so it looks like this

A:\>SCANREG /RESTORE press enter choose the oldest date you can see you can scrole with arrow key, there will more than likely be only five dates to choose from to install then restart comp.

Note the space after SCANREG

  VoG II 20:52 05 Dec 2004

That is strange.

You should restore the most recent one.

You should not lose any documents etc BUT any programs that you installed after that date probably won't work and will need to be reinstalled.

PLEASE wait for other opinions on this.

  woodchip 20:53 05 Dec 2004

Something wrong there with the date. check the BIOS date before you do a restore by going into setup when starting your computer

  woodchip 20:55 05 Dec 2004

PS if the Date is 2002 then you can load any of the backup dates. they will all work. Ut after you will need to set the BIOS date and time correctly

  babybell 21:04 05 Dec 2004

My girlfriend has just give me a better list of the registry dates, im currently about 20 miles away from her on another pc!

10/17/02 Started
10/16/02 Started
10/09/02 Started
10/08/02 Started

Which one should i use?
Does anyone know why this has happend?

  babybell 21:07 05 Dec 2004

When she started the PC in ms dos mode she typed SCANREG/RESTORE with no space after scanreg, people keep mentioning this space, is it important?

  VoG II 21:08 05 Dec 2004

10/17/02 (17 October 2002).

woodchip may well be right - your system clock may be wrong. If you hover your mouse pointer over the clock bottom right, does it show the correct date?

  babybell 21:10 05 Dec 2004

VOG, sadly we cannot get into windows, this is the problem, u turn it on, it says there is a problem then it asks for the cd key! Cant get no where near windows to check the time.

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