Technofobe 16:14 05 Nov 2006

Hello, i am completely new to all of this, so patience is required. I may bust some balls with my inferior knowledge, but I need urgent help.
Bascially I have to buy a loptop today.
My usage
Saving docs for work
Windows Vista ready
Football Manager
I do not have a clue, I have been looking at
click here

  Totally-braindead 16:30 05 Nov 2006

First thing. Next time you post something on the Forum please use a better description than serious help needed, something like laptop advice needed or laptop buying advice meant of been better. Secondly you say you have to buy it today. Well its 4.20PM so you're a bit late deciding to post.

Regarding will the laptop do then the answer is yes BUT I have to point out that laptops are not all that great at playing games and you mention Football Manager, theres quite a few Football Manager games out there. As I've never used any of them I don't know what they require in the way of graphics and its the graphics that are going to be the problem.
For everything else the laptop will be fine but I think I also should mention that Vista requires good graphics to use all its bells and whistles and although Vista would work on this laptop you may find some of the advanced graphics facilities do not run.

  Technofobe 16:36 05 Nov 2006

I told you I would bust some balls. Thanks for your advice.

Can you look at website and suggest something for me, my budget was £500, however this can be increased.

What is 64bit technology??

  Totally-braindead 16:50 05 Nov 2006

Technofobe its very differcult when you are talking about laptops.
The main problem with laptops is they are not upgradable, you might be able to add more memory or perhaps another hard drive but apart from that you are stuck.
Any laptop you buy now will do all you ask with the exception of gaming and Vista. Acer are advertising the laptop you mention as running Vista and it will if they say it will. All I am pointing out is that although Vista will run some of the graphics features might struggle. And since Vista hasn't actually been released yet I cannot advise on which laptop will run it.
Regarding whether a laptop will run Football Manager I suggest you look at the website for whichever version of the game you are talking about and check the specifications that it needs. From what I know of the games they do not require a fantastic graphics card as does a shootemup game like FEAR but as I have never used any of these Football Manager games I also cannot advise on that.
Regarding any game on a laptop the stumbling block to whether it will run or not is the graphics. And I suggest you find out what the game needs. The rest of the spec looks rather good.

  anskyber 16:53 05 Nov 2006

The laptop is pretty good and Totally-braindead's assessment is spot on in my view. The graphics card is almost always the weakness with laptops so there is a real health warning regarding high end games.

Your budget really precludes much improvement and probably it would be at the expense of other things like memory. If you are storing music and pics then 100gigs is good for a laptop and you should not compromise in that area.

You should speak to the suppier because although I see you can get a free upgrade to Vista Home Premium i wonder if the graphics card will handle the Aero functions of vista and you could be limited to Home Basic.

Have a read of this thread regarding 64bit. click here

  Legolas 18:23 08 Nov 2006

Technofobe I wanted laptop with a good graphics card for playing games and searched for a while infortueately your buget is unlikely to get you a high end graphics card I eventually bit the bullet and paid almost £900 this gave me a 17" screen and a Radeon1800 graphics card.

  Legolas 18:27 08 Nov 2006

Just looked at the Laptop you link to, it is suffucient for all you want to use it for except gaming. The graphics card is low spec and if it will play Football Manager you will soon find that it is struggling to play newer games

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