serious help needed...

  Viv-208691 23:08 03 Jun 2004

Hi there, i have an xp pc that i bought less than a year ago. It has a wireless bb internet connection which is incredicbly slow (signal actually IS at 54mbps apparantly).
It wont bring up any even slightly demanding webpages (e.g. click here then click english) but can just manage more simple ones. when it fails to bring up webpage i cant shut down internet browser or stop th loading and my pc crashes (cant open any programs, even those in taskbar. Ive run numerous virus checks which have picked up nothing, what should i do?

Please please help me

Kind regards

  Fruit Bat 23:14 03 Jun 2004

1 Clear your internet cache and all temp files 2
empty recylebin 3 run scandisk and defrag drives 4 check virtual memory settings (swap file)

  Viv-208691 23:18 03 Jun 2004

sorry, i dont understand suggestion 4, what are virtual memory settings??

Thanyou for your help, i will do as you say

  woodchip 23:24 03 Jun 2004

Are you sure it's a wireless bb internet connection

  Viv-208691 23:29 03 Jun 2004

yes, why do you ask? could i be missing something?

  GaT7 23:44 03 Jun 2004

Have you tried scans with Adaware, Spybot & CWShredder? click here, click here & click here. Also get SpywareBlaster - click here which blocks most nasties in the first place. Enable protection after installing. For all the programs remember to check for UPDATES regularly & BEFORE scanning for the first time.

Try a repair of IE - click here (if you need to know how)

For WinXP virtual memory settings - click here.

Good luck, G

  woodchip 23:56 03 Jun 2004

Sounds like IE that's the problem click here

  Dan the Confused 00:04 04 Jun 2004

When you reboot after a crash does Scandisk activate? If so, what does it repair (if anything)?

  hugh-265156 01:40 04 Jun 2004

has this problem only started recently? try system restore back to a date it was ok maybe.if its been going on for a while:

is windows all up to date? click here and scan to check

are your motherboard and the rest of your hardware drivers all up to date?

check your connection speed click here

try the tcp optomizer click here read the faq. i found this useful, maybe worth a try.

  Charence 01:58 04 Jun 2004

for Virtual Memory, go to MY COMPUTER > right click PROPERTIES > ADVANCED > PERFORMANCE and click the button


  Viv-208691 19:03 04 Jun 2004

Crossbow7 (and Woodchip and Charence):Hi, thanks, i have spybot s+d, ad-aware and spyware blaster but not the other program. i just updated the programs so i dont think there is a problem there. Would getting your other suggested program help my cause?

I have repaired IE as suggested but there has been no improvement

I dont know if i should touch the virtual memory settings in case i do something wrong, should i?!

Huggy71: Thanks, but my system restore isnt working, I dont know why! It says it cant return to the point once it has booted up again.

The webpage you gave me regarding connection speed couldnt be found (I dont use NTL).

Dan:Thanks, but no, it doesnt.

Thanks guys, i havent tried the forum suggested by Huggy yet so will do that now, in the mean time any more ideas??-any clue as to why my system restore wont work?-i tried 2 different restore points but to no avail.

Very kind regards

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