Serious Headache From Networking

  ampthetex 21:46 03 Jan 2007

I am trying to connect a wireless laptop to a Belkin Wireless Router, the wireless router has an ADSL connector on it but I am connecting via a networking cable to an NTL Broadband box which is a cable modem.

I can get into the modem to change the settings, Ive enabled the wireless the laptop can see the router. But it wont access the internet at all ?

When I first connected the laptop to the router to configure it via the I got in set up wireless etc., It even allows me to bring up internet pages, but as soon as I remove the cable from the laptop to the router, the wireless shows as connected but wont bring up any internet pages at all. Its driving me nuts, Ive tried disabling firewall, checking TCP settings, etc.

I was wondering if anyone knows what Im doing incorrect?, Are ADSL, and Cable Modems compatible in this way I am trying to use it or not?, It seems that its not pulling internet through because there is nothing connected to the ADSL slot?,

Somebody Please help, anything is much appreciated.

Kindest Regards

  Ashrich 22:27 03 Jan 2007

When you say it has an ADSL connector on it , do you mean it is a Modem Router , or just a plain wireless router with a WAN port ?

  ampthetex 07:23 04 Jan 2007

Hi, Im not 100% sure as its not mine, so I dont have the exact model number, It has 1x ADSL connector, 1x USB connector, 4x Wired Computer Connections, and a power connector, Plus the 2x aerials for reception.

It doesnt have an uplink connector which Ive seen on others

On the front of the unit it has lights for Power, Diagnostics, Wireless, ADSL, and then 4x Lights for the wired computers to it, etc.

  ajm 10:42 04 Jan 2007

you are using completely incorrect wireless router equipment. the wireless router you state you have is a ADSL-Router that is incompatible with NTL.
You need to get a plain wireless router without modem built in. That way it will work.

  Ashrich 18:53 04 Jan 2007

That's just what I thought , which is why I asked ....


  Strawballs 22:02 04 Jan 2007

If you have an NTL cable connection then any one of these will do click here

  Rigga 22:35 04 Jan 2007

Don't mean to butt in here.

But you state in your first post that "It even allows me to bring up internet pages" if this is the case then the setup of the wireless router to the cable modem is working.

The problem is with the wireless connection, not what equipment you have.

Having said that if you can afford or easily get a wireless cable modem router for use with NTL then this is the easiest route for networking, but you may still have the wireless problem.


  Strawballs 00:00 05 Jan 2007

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