Serif Webplus 9

  sallyleslie 22:17 29 Sep 2004

Have recently been offered a good deal by Serif on this and have read some reasonable reviews - has anyone tried it out and is it ok?

  originalmiscellany 08:51 30 Sep 2004

we use all the serif software... mainly like you we got a bargain licence on all the software, webplus, draw, photo and pageplus.

It's really good I think, not up to the high end MS/Dreamweaver level but you can do good stuff to 7/10 the power of dreamweaver, and as such it has a very gentle learning curve which is ideal for kids at school.

Hope the brief comments are useful

  spuds 23:52 30 Sep 2004

You can download and use Serif Webplus 6 for free via click here If you purchase the special offer Webplus 9 that as just been released, you have a no quibble money refund if you do not like the product.If the manual is offered, be a little wise as these can run out expensive.

  mbp 11:04 13 Oct 2004

IMO if you are not bitten by the "Must Have the Latest" bug, Serif special offers are a gift to IT users. Value for money, I doubt that it can be beaten. Most Serif programs will do almost 90% of what the top of the range programs will do, like Photoshop 7, and of course you will not have the snob accolade that goes with the most expensive program available.But to be able to learn how to make a Web page, with an intuitive program, and usually with an excellent Companion book or pdf program to guide you through, Serif stands second to none. My computer is loaded with just about every Serif program available. I start with all the Free offers and then upgrade when I feel I need it.

  sallyleslie 11:11 13 Oct 2004

Yes I like Serif Pageplus 9 for quick DTP use and have tried Webplus 6. I have now visited the Serif forums and it seems as though they have now bitten the bullet and diversified. When Webplus 8 came out Serif themselves said I didn't need it as it was similar to PP9 but from all accounts it really is a specialised web site producer now - and the users on the forum seem quite impressed!

  spuds 11:19 13 Oct 2004

Micro Mart have published their product review about Webplus 9, they give it 8/10. Micro Mart issue820 [07/10/2004]

  sallyleslie 22:49 31 Oct 2004

It may not be as powerful but it appears to produce a smart site reasonably quickly! I'm just finishing my site and then may feel moved to reveal all to you if you will treat me gently - remember it has taken me years to actually get a site past the home page stage!!!

  Forum Editor 23:51 31 Oct 2004

when you're ready.

All of us - bar none - started from scratch at some point, so you'll be amongst friends. That's the whole point of this forum area, we're in it together.

  TeaBee 11:30 01 Nov 2004

I did this :- click here

with WP8 and it pleases me! Being revamped all the time, the builtin FTP is a real boon.
Getting to grips with WP9 now, lets you download your site's as well!

  mbp 14:36 01 Nov 2004

TeaBee: I am impressed! Congratulations! A good piece of work, and most important of all, it is interesting. I will come back to it to have a really good look, after I/ve walked the dog and done out supper(Dinner).

  spuds 17:23 01 Nov 2004

What a superb site and history lesson,thanks and congratulations.

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