Serial Port to USB Adaptor - Software wants COM No

  villageidiot 23:22 10 Aug 2007

I have bought a LaCrosse weather station. The instructions say it should be connected to a Serial Port on my computer. My computer does not have a Serial Port.

I bought a Serial Port to USB adaptor, installed its software, and connected the weather station via this. The blurb on several vendors’ sites said this will provide a Serial Port.

Unfortunately the weather station software asks which port I want to connect to, COM 1,2,3 or 4. Presumably, because it is connected to a USB port, the station is not recognised by the computer, no matter which COM port I select in the software. All the information that should be downloaded from the station is greyed out.

Any ideas on how I can get it all to work? The Weather Station manufacturer’s web site does not show any way of contacting them, and I suspect the UK supplier will not know how to resolve it. An email to them has gone un-answered.

My motherboard does have a Serial Port Header, but this would need a Serial Port on a bracket, and the connecting wires plus mating plug. I have searched many component suppliers’ web sites, but cannot find any way of purchasing these.

  woodchip 23:33 10 Aug 2007

You can buy a PCI Serial Port, but no idea what they cost now. just found one click here

  woodchip 23:33 10 Aug 2007

PS check you have a free PCI slot before you get one

  villageidiot 01:11 11 Aug 2007

Woodchip – Many Thanks, again. At least your suggestion is a cheaper PCI card than the ones I came across, so that may be the way I have to go.

It seems a bit of non-joined-up-thinking that the whole LaCrosse weather station only costs £100, but the connection to the computer will cost another almost £20.

I am perplexed that: -
1. LaCrosse don’t seem to realise that computers have moved from Serial to USB ports, several years ago. Their advertising, User Manual, and web site do not even mention USB, let alone give any advise on connecting to a USB port.
2. MSI provide a Serial Port Header on their motherboard, but no advise on how to purchase a “Serial Connector on a bracket, wired to a header connector”, to make it usable.
3. I appear to be the only person in the whole world who wants to connect a LaCrosse weather station (I would guess they must have sold a million or so.) to a modern computer

Funny old world!

  DieSse 01:12 11 Aug 2007

What you need is one of these - can't find them at a UK source right now though.

click here

If you go into any friendly local computer shop with a picture, they'll probably have some in their "bits" box.

Problems with USB to Serial port converters are not too uncommon, I read.

  DieSse 01:19 11 Aug 2007

Here's one click here
as long as there's a knock-out for the connector on the back of the case.

  DieSse 01:21 11 Aug 2007

And here's one with the bracket ! click here

  villageidiot 10:53 11 Aug 2007

DieSse - Many thanks to you too. Problem solved.

Although how/why does "chimpy dl" do it for one penny?

At those prices I am about to order both your suggestions, to be on the safe side.

Why didn't I think of ebay!! I spent hours searching the usual computer component suppliers and Google leads. I'm clearly loosing it even more every day.


The villageidiot

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