Serial ATA Drive Converter

  Gaz W 13:48 23 Jul 2003

My Abit AT7 Max2 motherboard supports SATA drives, and came with one converter, which I have plugged into my bog-standard Maxtor 40GB ATA133 hard disk. I was just wondering whether it is actually worth it. I have now plugged my DVD-ROM drive into IDE1 and my CD-RW and LS-120 into IDE2 (I used the drives from my old system and a new 52x CD-RW). Will I notice any increase in speed, or will it be slower since I have used this adapter? I have assumed I can use IDE1 and IDE2 as well as the serial ATA.

Unfortunately I can't test it because I don't have a graphics card yet (another thread - click here if interested).


  Rowey 14:00 23 Jul 2003

I don't think you would notice any performance gain plugging an ata drive into a SATA port.

All it would mean is that you can have 4 ide devices (ide ports 1 and 2) and 2 on the SATA ports.

  Gaz W 14:11 23 Jul 2003

That's mainly why I used it. Because my LS-120 floppy drive is IDE, it means I can have the DVD and CD-RW on separate channels, and the LS-120 can go on with either of them. This will mean I can copy CDs "on the fly" without any trouble.

  Gaz W 14:13 23 Jul 2003

Anyway, thanks for your help Rowey. I'll tick this thread as Resolved.


  Rowey 14:19 23 Jul 2003

No probs....

I've just bought 2 new SATA drives for a raid0 setup....will be fitting them this weekend....

I'm hoping they will fly! ;-)

  mrdsgs 16:25 23 Jul 2003

current sata is rated 150 whereas ide is 133, using raid 0 with two drives the difference in speed will be negligible if the hds are identical in other respects.

ie: 133+133 = 266, 150 + 150 = 300

i make that a 12.8% improvement but i doubt you will actually notioce the difference because you will have a memory bottleneck elsewhere, possibly with graphics.

serious speed will come in next generation sata drives running at 200-300

however the current speed deamon remains scsi raid 0 with several U320 (and now U640) 15,000rpm drives (usually 4).

However, this comes at a price, a big price!!!


  Gaz W 16:44 23 Jul 2003

I wish I could say I had a memory bottleneck with graphics, but I haven't even got a graphics card!

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